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S03 E01 - TOW the Princess Leia Fantasy

S03 E01 - TOW the Princess Leia Fantasy

aka TOW Drain Hair and Civil War Videos

OAD: 09/19/96


Elizabeth’s “Monica and Rachel Had Syrup”

Elizabeth’s “Monica and Rachel Had Syrup”

Chandler and Janice are dating again, and this time he’s all in! He’s in love and she’s making him pancakes! She prances into the room singing,

“Monica and Rachel had syrup … now I can get my man to cheer up!”

There’s also a stack of pancakes already made on the counter. So while Chandler might be ready for a hearty breakfast before his long day of statistical analysis and data reconfiguration, we figured we’d try to recreate this feeling in cocktail form…

Grab some pancakes and check out each of our recipes here!


  • We’ve got pancakes and syrup, courtesy of Janice.

  • We’ve got Spaghettios, Hershey’s cocoa, Cholula hot sauce, and Advil, courtesy of the guys’ … “pantry”?

  • We’ve got a pre-Atkins Jennifer/Rachel eating a muffin and fruit for breakfast.

  • We’ve got drain hair cereal, courtesy of Monica’s attempt to get over Richard by cleaning out the drain.

  • We’ve got “Ross Skywalker” sticky buns — a very sticky situation indeed!

  • We’ve got Ross forgetting once again that ice cream is TOO COLD and eating a Fudgesicle.



“The Rachel” is gone, and we’ve got a darker, redder, hairstyle in its place. It’s the same hair Jennifer Aniston had in her 1997 movie, Picture Perfect. Rachel starts off in a lovely black dress with flowers printed on it. She goes casual for breakfast in tiny black shorts and a cute Popeye and Olive Oyl graphic tee. In bed with Ross, she goes sexy-cute in a high/messy ponytail and black lace jammies. She wears a mod paisley/striped combo black-and-white dress that complements Ross’s tie perfectly in Central Perk, and then she closes out the episode in a not-quite-accurate yet very-sexy gold bikini!


Monica’s not having the best day, and neither is her wardrobe. She’s in full-throttle breakup depression! She starts off in a brown robe (oddly reminiscent of Obi Wan Kenobi — another Star Wars reference??), and then changes into an even worse outfit — orange leggings and an orange-and-gray flannel shirt that’s buttoned wrong. We’re not knocking her, though. At least she GOT dressed and went out into the world! We love you Monica, and we promise it’ll get better!


Phoebe’s her usual quirky and colorful self, right from the very first scene, when she pairs an orange Morgan tee with a printed skirt! Later on in the episode, she’s excited about her pager — and her printed tunic that she pairs with black leggings.


Oh. My. Green!

Janice starts things off in a green-orange-yellow ensemble: orange pants, yellow shirt, and a silk scarf printed with a kiwi fruit design! Then she REALLY gets things going with her neon green suit she wears for Joey and Janice’s Day of Fun!


We have to take a moment to note how on-point Ross’s ties are in this episode. Is dating a fashionista rubbing off on him? Or is he channeling his romantic and contentedly-in-a-relationship side with all those flowers?




Oh. My. God. Janice is back! Chandler’s in love, and he’s not blinking — Janice is here to stay! Unfortunately, Joey’s not very happy about the turn of events. Every time he sees her, he wants to rip off his arm just so he has something to throw at her. Oh, and he’s really good at Wheel of Fortune.

“It’s Count Rushmore!”

Chandler’s not impressed — he doesn’t think Joey’s tried hard enough to accommodate Chandler’s new relationship. Janice, proving herself once again to be the only quasi-member of the gang who has her shit together, confronts Joey directly and says that they have to do something about their little problem — for Chandler’s sake. Her idea?

“Joey and Janice’s Day of Fun!”

The two of them spend the entire day together, and although Joey feigns acceptance of Janice, as soon as she leaves Chandler calls his bluff and he cracks. But he got what he wanted in the end: Because he was able to spend the whole day with Janice, he knows he can stand to be around her — which means he can be around Chandler more. Aw, you guys are so cute!



Poor Monica. She broke up with Richard because he doesn’t want kids, and she does. A worthy reason for a break-up, but painful nonetheless. She can’t sleep, she can’t eat, she’s pulling gross drain hair out of the bathroom and tossing it into Ross’s cereal when she finally comes to her senses.

Phoebe tries to help out with her plinky-plunky music, and even goes so far as to let Monica use her “happy place” in her visualizations. What a good friend! Unfortunately, it doesn’t work, and it also makes her have to pee.

She really struggles to keep it together when she goes down to the post office to retrieve a package, only to find out that it was a set of Civil War videos she’d ordered for Richard. He loved the Civil War! We last see her curled up on her couch, watching the videos, a lit cigar in her hand. Her dad drops by to check on her. Why? Because he’s seen Richard, who’s apparently taking things just as badly as Monica. This is all the closure Monica needs — she immediately falls asleep.


“I said ‘share,’ not ‘scare’!”

“I said ‘share,’ not ‘scare’!”

“Did you ever see Return of the Jedi? Do you remember that scene with Jabba the Hut?”

And with this, Ross lets us all in on a little Star Wars fantasy of his: Princess Leia in the gold bikini! We love this time in the Ross and Rachel saga — they’re just a cute couple who like having sleepovers, reading in bed, and fulfilling each other’s fantasies. Hooray!


Phoebe confirms that this is indeed a fantasy that a lot of guys their age have, so Rachel’s all in. She decides to go for it. Unfortunately, Phoebe goes for it too — with a pair of sticky buns as props.

“Where is my strong Ross Skywalker to come rescue me? Oh … there he is.”

Ross is pissed and confides in Chandler about it. They decide to try sharing out for size and bond over picturing the hot girl from the Xerox place (hellooooooo, foreshadowing!). Then Chandler keeps going with the sharing and crosses right over into scaring by mentioning that he sees his mom sometimes when he’s having sex. Eeshk!

The episode closes out with Rachel looking fantastic in a not-accurate-at-all gold bikini, but unfortunately, Ross can’t stop picturing his own mother.

“I hate Chandler. That bastard ruined my life.”

Drink the Fat

Drink the Fat

Monica and Rachel Had Syrup

Monica and Rachel Had Syrup