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S02 E24 - TOW Barry and Mindy's Wedding

S02 E24 - TOW Barry and Mindy's Wedding

aka TOW the Most Perfect Couple in the Universe Breaks Up

OAD: 05/16/96



Rachel dons a terrible hot-pink bridesmaid dress and flashes back to the 8th grade when she had to sing “Copacabana” in front of the whole school.

So naturally, we made a cocktail inspired by that.

We wanted to do a take on a Pink Squirrel — a Pepto Bismol-pink cocktail that has amaretto as one of its ingredients. But we wanted a tropical twist, to tie in the “Copacabana” theme. So we thought — coconut!

Everything was set up and ready to go. And then fate had other plans…

Go here to get the full scoop of coconut ice cream.


We’ve got Phoebe eating cashews. Then she’s randomly chopping peppers, eggplant, and mushrooms — is she making ratatouille? At the wedding, Monica tosses Jordan almonds — risky!



Rachel looks trés Springy at the beginning of the episode, in a white tank top with an abstract flower print and a flowery apron. We can’t tell if the pink ruffle on the bottom is her skirt, or the apron. But since we’re in the throes of her mini-mini-skirt phase, we’re betting that it’s the apron.

Unfortunately, she spends the rest of the episode looking like Princess Bubbly Yum in that hideous hot-pink satin and tulle nightmare of a bridesmaid dress.



What do you think of Monica’s wedding guest dress? Yay or nay?

We think it’s nice, formal, and fitting for the mid-90s — though a bit old for her age. The pink flowers play nicely with the light blue background of the dress.

It also shows off her muscular arms quite nicely — Courteney Cox clearly started working out once FRIENDS became a hit — she’s never looked better! The V-neck on the dress is also quite flattering.

Maybe it’s a nod to how perfect she is for Richard — a modern, yet mature 20-something.

Oh God, now we’re crying about Monica and Richard again. See what you made us do?


How cute does Phoebe look? She starts off in a black dress with birds and birdcages printed on it — a fun retro print that surprises you. She keeps it casual in the next scene, wearing a bowling shirt (did she borrow that from Chandler?) and a necklace with dice on it. Very 50s!

And then … she channels her inner disco clown again. If you thought the pink and green clown outfit from TOW the Two Parties was bad, check this sucker out. Stripes and polka dots — and in gross 70s colors, like you’d find in an outdated kitchen. Orange, yellow, and pea-soup green. And not even the good, fresh-from-the-garden bright green pea soup. We’re talking icky canned pea soup.


Joey wants to kiss the guys


Joey’s up for a part in a Warren Beatty movie, but the thing is, he has to kiss a guy. He spends the rest of the episode trying to force himself onto every male he can think of. Very NOT cool, Joey. As Chandler puts it, “No means no!”

Ross finally comes through at the end of the episode, only to have Joey tell him that he’d already been on the audition and didn’t get the part.

monica and richard want different things


Oh no. We don’t want to talk about this. Do we have to talk about this? FINE.

So Monica pops the “where is this going?” question with Richard, and while they’re on the same track talking about moving to France and making French toast, their paths diverge when it comes to having kids.

Richard’s done with all of that, but Monica still wants them. They spend the episode avoiding the fact that this is definitely a deal-breaker, but eventually admit it to themselves. The last time we see them in Season 2, they’re sadly dancing with one another. We know it’s the end. They know it’s the end. It’s too sad for us to talk about it anymore.

rachel lets it all hang out

Mindy Sterling as the Wedding Planner

Mindy Sterling as the Wedding Planner

Rachel is forced to wear an absolutely hideous bridesmaid dress for Barry and Mindy’s wedding:

“I can’t believe I have to walk down the aisle in front of 200 people looking like something you drink when you’re nauseous.”

Ross is a supportive boyfriend, and accompanies her to the wedding after she insists on going so she can face those people again with some dignity. Unfortunately, she doesn’t realize that her dress is tucked into her panties, so when the wedding planner (played by Mindy Sterling) ushers her down the aisle, she gives everyone a nice show.


To make matters worse, Rach finds out that Barry and Mindy have told everyone that the reason Rachel ran out on her wedding to Barry is because she was insane … due to syphilis. So everyone’s telling her that they’re glad to see her “up and about” again.

When she’s mocked during the best man’s speech, Rachel attempts to leave, only to be mocked for leaving. She has the last word, though, when she grab’s the band’s mic, tells off Barry, and recreates the only other experience that’s left her this mortified — singing “Copacabana” in the 8th grade.



Chandler’s met someone online — how cute! — and they’ve been chatting non-stop — how 90s! They take a virtual trip to the Guggenheim (via the museum’s website), and he stays up all night chatting with her (and looking scrumptious the next day, too).

Then, she bursts the bubble by telling him that she’s married. He stops communicating, but only long enough for Phoebe to convince him that even though she’s married, the two of them obviously have an amazing connection. He decides to meet her.


And who is it?

It’s JANICE! He runs over to her and they embrace in a passionate kiss. And THAT’S how Season 2 ends!

Oh … my … God!

Monica and Rachel Had Syrup

Monica and Rachel Had Syrup

Copacabana Shaketini

Copacabana Shaketini