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S02 E23 - TOW the Chicken Pox

S02 E23 - TOW the Chicken Pox

aka TOW Charlie Sheen

OAD: 05/09/96


Banana Nut Muffin Martini

Banana Nut Muffin Martini

This episode opens with the gang hanging out at Central Perk (we know — there’s a first time for everything), and Rachel informs Monica and Chandler that there’s only one banana nut muffin left. Chandler grabs it, licks it, and hilarity ensues.

And so does our signature cocktail: The Banana Nut Muffin Martini.

We were inspired by this recipe from RumChata — it’s pretty darn sweet, which is great when you’re looking for a straight-up dessert martini. But we wanted to add a little something extra into ours, so we introduced another nutty factor…

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Alleva Dairy bag

Alleva Dairy bag

The episode starts off with Monica and Chandler fighting over a banana nut muffin — and inspiring this week’s signature beverage. After that, there’s very little food — this definitely isn’t a food-centric episode. Phoebe and Ryan enjoy some generic-looking spaghetti and side salads, and some sad bread. And there’s apparently a peach cobbler warming in the oven, but we never actually see it.

Oh, and did you notice the Alleva dairy bag hooked onto the corner of Monica’s counter?



Rachel starts things off wearing the apron she wore in last week’s episode and a white baby tee with some sort of Japanese anime character printed on it. When she’s getting Phoebe ready for her date with Ryan, she’s wearing an adorable blue, white, and red printed butterfly dress. She cute-vamps things up later on with a short floral skirt and high-necked sleeveless black top that shows off her arms. She finishes out the episode in a white sleeveless shirt with big buttons, paired with a fun retro apron.


Monica and Richard are SO FREAKIN cute in this episode — and so is Monica! The couple dons complementary robes, and Monica looks like a Barbie doll in her white button-down tied at the waist and paired with a pink skirt. She goes casual in the bedroom with Richard, in a red tank top and jeans.


We have to cut Phoebe some slack — she’s not feeling very well, with the chicken pox and all. She start off in very 90s pastel colors, then wears something that looks like she chopped up her grandmother’s curtains to make a shirt but then ran out of fabric, and then she looks like a banana playing Monopoly. Not a great day for the Pheebster. At least her last outfit of the episode — a green dress with white sneakers — is pretty cute.


Joey’s back to his regular sport coat, visiting Chandler at work. Then he wears a bunch of suits — we’re assuming they’re Chandler’s? Oh, and Ross looks gorgeous as a Naval officer.




It’s Charlie Sheen, everybody! Before he had his Two and a Half Men meltdown and was hashtag-winning all over Hollywood! He plays Ryan, a Naval officer who works on a submarine and comes up for air every couple of years to come see Phoebe. It’s like The Little Mermaid in reverse!

Unfortunately, Phoebe comes down with the chicken pox — and Ryan’s never had it, either. But he’s overcome with passion when he sees her (so sweet):

“I have spent the last eight months in a steel tube — with men — thinking about this moment. I’m not gonna let a bunch of itchy spots stand between us.”

So the two of them spend the rest of the episode with calamine lotion all over their bodies, trying (and failing) not to scratch. We get some memorable moments featuring oven mitts, inappropriate rubbing, and a not-on-Netflix moment where Phoebe hopes that Ryan gets a weenie pock.



Monica and Richard win the episode with their #couplegoals. Richard makes the bed — can we give him some kudos just for that? — and as soon as he leaves the room, Monica starts to fix it. He comes back in, catches her, she tries to play it off as cute, but eventually confesses that she had to fix it because he’d done it wrong and … we’ve entered the quirk zone.

But Richard proves to be even MORE perfect by accepting Monica’s quirks and trying to come up with some of his own. He can’t think of any off the top of his head, so Monica shouts:

“My boyfriend doesn’t have a thing!”


But wait — he does! He confesses that he has to sleep on the left side of the bed for a very specific reason:

“I have to sleep on the West side because I grew up in California and otherwise, the ocean would be on the wrong side.”

We love you, Monchard. :)


Joey needs some work, so Chandler offers him a job as a processor. Joey sees it as a role and develops a character — Joseph — and even gives him a wife (Karen) and two kids (Ashley and Britney). Oh wait, he just invented a third kid.

“That’s some pretty powerful imaginary sperm you have there.”

Unfortunately, Joseph very quickly becomes a thorn in Chandler’s side — throwing him under the bus in front of his boss, letting it slip when Chandler’s behind on his work. Chandler tries to fire Joseph, but Joey reminds him that he’s not in his department. So Chandler exacts his revenge by “sleeping” with Joseph’s wife!

Copacabana Shaketini

Copacabana Shaketini

Banana Nut Muffin Martini

Banana Nut Muffin Martini