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S02 E17 - TOW Eddie Moves In

S02 E17 - TOW Eddie Moves In

aka TOW Smelly Cat: The Video!

OAD: 02/22/96


In a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment, we got our cocktail inspiration when Rachel accidentally dropped a piece of apple pie into an unsuspecting Central Perk patron’s coat hood.

“Pie in the hood! Pie in the hood!”

Ross proves he loves Rachel by diving into the hood (and getting caught). David Schwimmer masterfully plays it of by pretending to be a crazy guy. Just another day in the Village!

This apple pie martini SCREAMS apple pie flavors — it’s a combo of apple cider, vodka, and either Goldschlager or Fireball, depending on your current liquor stores. The graham-cracker rim adds a nice crunch and texture, too.

This is definitely more on the seasonal side, what with all the cinnamon and fall spices going on. But, um, it’s almost February and we’re still digging it. You do you.




We spy a package of Thomas’ English Muffins on the guys’ fridge at the beginning of the episode. They make another appearance in the Eggs à la Eddie scene, where they’re dangerously close to the open flame while Eddie cooks scrambled eggs.

Speaking of those eggs, how yummy do they look? Yeah, Eddie turns out to be a psycho in the next episode, but for now we kinda have to agree with Chandler that they look pretty darn good. Based on the ingredients on the counter, it looks like there’s spinach, Parmesan cheese, and Tabasco sauce in the recipe. Works for us!




Rachel kicks off the episode with some excellent pie-hooding in a very cute outfit! She pairs a long-sleeved black crochet top with a hot pink graphic-print apron. Later on, she does laundry in a casual look—jeans and a gray v-neck t-shirt (with a matching gray scrunchie!) She comforts Chandler in an equally comfy set of overalls (done up this time) and striped shirt, then rounds out the episode in a repeat of the brown velvet top she wore on her first date with Ross.


We are NOT fans of Phoebe’s old-ladyish green top at the beginning of the episode. The color is sort of sage-y, sort of pea soup-y. The structure is nice because it shows off her waist, but that’s about all we like about it. Recording “Smelly Cat,” she dons an oversized red shirt, repeats her cranberry necklace, and a rather odd printed skirt—we can’t tell if it’s Russian dancers or Chinese dancers, but either way it’s a strange print for a skirt! She finishes off the episode in a beautifully comfortable ensemble: sparkly purple top, blue velvet leggings, and a graphic purple scarf.

Oh, and we can’t forget to mention her UBER-90s music video dress! Everything iridescent is coming back these days in a major way — and not just at the teenybopper stores! We’re talking high-end designers embracing iridescence!


Chandler’s got (barking) husky slippers! And it’s not on Netflix, but Joey’s wearing (not barking) moose slippers! The rest of the episode has our guys huggably dressed—first Joey wears a corduroy shirt, then Ross wears corduroy pants!



Whew … how do we start talking about Joey’s terrible decorating style? Which do you like best: the plexiglass parrot? The jaguar coffee table? The rain wall? The Muppet skin pillows? Pat the Dog? The giant panther crawling up the wall? We can assume two things based off of this experience:

  1. Joey will never call Monica from the toilet phone.

  2. Joey secretly loves cats!

Oh, and if you’re in the market for that gaudy Elvis lamp, congratulations — we found it on Etsy!


So, Joey and Chandler are no longer roommates. The gang tries to comfort them — Monica and Phoebe help Joey, and Ross and Rachel help Chandler. Except Ross doesn’t “help” Chandler so much as he “yells at him judgmentally.”

“You’re going to have to accept that you’re just friends now… you’re not … roommates anymore.”


Just when we think Chandler couldn’t get any lower, he suddenly bounces back — or more likely, rebounds. Eddie’s moved in! Adam Goldberg masterfully plays the new roomie, and we can’t tell if we like him or not. On the one hand, he makes delicious-looking scrambled eggs. On the other hand, his laugh is super annoying. What is it with Chandler teaming up with people who have annoying laughs?

Rachel calls it like she sees it:

“It’ll never last, he’s just a rebound roommate.”

Joey comes over and tries to play nice, but when he discovers that there isn’t any more juice, he loses it. In a scene that probably served as the inspiration for Runaway Bride, Joey demands to know which eggs Chandler likes better. But Chandler isn’t having it:

“Your eggs aren’t here anymore, are they? You took your eggs, and you left!”

This plot line closes with both men gazing forlornly out the window on a rainy day while Eric Carmen’s “All By Myself” plays. Well, Joey’s gazing at his tabletop rain wall, but still…


Ah, sibling rivalry! We can’t blame Ross and Monica for being at each other’s throats — if we had to practically live with our siblings nowadays, we’d go crazy too! Ross is dating Rachel now, so he’s over at their apartment all the freakin’ time. The two of them have regressed into their high-school selves, and Rachel’s even caught in the middle, playing the “Mom” role.

What is not cool is that Ross is being a big PITA. He tricks Monica into asking their mom if she left her diaphragm over at Richard’s house, when he knows that the parents are less than happy about Monica and Richard even dating at all. By the way, diaphragms are making a comeback, too. Ooh! Iridescent diaphragms! You heard it here first!

Monica eventually loses it and scream-squeaks at Ross:

“Mon, you’ve gone ultrasonic again.”

They’re fighting over which TV show to watch — these were the days before DVRs, or even recording one channel while watching another. One show at a time, whippersnappers! We KNOW! Insane, right?

Did you notice the upgraded set design, by the way? Jeff the Crew Member’s been busy! We’ve got a leopard-print pillow (perfect for watching Predators of the Serengeti), a mosaic box with a duck on top, a bejeweled and beaded teapot, and curtains!



“Smelly cat, smelly cat, what are they feeding you?…”

Are you singing? Us too!

Jeff the Crew Member’s 7-Up

Jeff the Crew Member’s 7-Up

Phoebe’s been discovered! She’s going to record a demo! They’re going to make a music video! They might even make an album! Jeff left his 7-Up on set!

Bit of trivia for you — DeeDee Rescher, who plays the music producer, also guest starred on Lisa Kudrow’s HBO show The Comeback in an episode called, “Valerie Relaxes in Palm Springs.”

DeeDee Rescher

DeeDee Rescher

Unfortunately, things don’t go as Phoebe had hoped. First off, the women behind the glass in the recording studio were not just there to watch her like at the zoo. They were her back-up singers, and she was not at all convinced that they understood just how smelly this cat really is.

The video started off well; Phoebe looking angelic in her iridescent dress … but then she opens up her mouth and some other lady’s voice comes out! At first Pheebs is like, “Awesome, I’m crazy talented.” But then she finds out that it’s NOT her voice in the video, and in natural Phoebe fashion, she feels sorry for the lady who doesn’t get to star in her own video.


Phoebe’s dreams of stardom are all but dashed, but hey — at least she can still host singalongs at the coffee shop! How cute is it, by the way, that Courteney Cox was so nervous about singing that she held Matthew Perry’s hand the whole time?

SO cute!


  • Joey walking aimlessly around his apartment, buzzing the front door guy and him blowing off Joey

  • When Joey goes to answer the phone, he’s wearing moose slippers!

  • Joey keeps the argument going with, “Well maybe this isn’t about eggs anymore. Maybe it’s about the chicken that laid them.” Chandler: “There’s no chicken.” Joey: “I can’t talk to you!”

  • Extended sing-along, they break the 4th wall a bit and get silly.

Tangelo Goldfish

Tangelo Goldfish

Apple Pie Martini

Apple Pie Martini