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S02 E06 - TOW the Baby on the Bus

S02 E06 - TOW the Baby on the Bus

aka TOW All the Unexpected Guest Stars

OAD: 11/02/95



Ross has to get a shot because he’s allergic to the kiwi that Monica put in her kiwi lime pie, so we’re drinking kiwi lime pie shots!

Since a shot doesn’t take long to drink, and we have a whole episode to review, Heather found this recipe for a refreshing kiwi-based smoothie.

We have to admit, we don’t get a lot of kiwi flavor — the banana flavor completely overwhelms any other flavors in the smoothie. Other than that, though it was pretty tasty.

We might try it again and either use less banana — or even get rid of it completely!


Aside from the kiwi lime pie, there really isn’t any other food to talk about in this episode! After tasting our kiwi lime pie shot, though, we’re eager to come up with a recipe for a kiwi lime pie — the shot was delicious!




Rachel is oddly monochromatic lately, isn’t she? She doesn’t really wear anything remarkable in this episode, though we do have a Nubbin Alert. Nope, it’s not outside the coffee house, where Phoebe has on her purple jacket again — it’s inside. Because that makes sense…



In a completely illogical moment, Chandler (in an effort to get out of an awkward situation) says about Monica, “Joey, she does not look fat.” In no way, shape, or manner does Monica ever look fat (unless we’re talking Fat Monica, which won’t happen for several more episodes). But she especially doesn’t look fat in this episode, with her bare midriff and teeny tiny waist. Enough with the ridiculous beauty standards, Hollywood!

Stuff like this reiterates that the 90s were still all about the waifish likes of Kate Moss and other uber-skinny supermodels. ‘Twasn’t the era of Ashley Graham yet!



Phoebe’a striped turtleneck in this episode is so freakin’ 90s! Elizabeth had a shirt just like it when she was in high school, except it was even more 90s because it had short sleeves. When she goes outside to play guitar on the curb, Pheebs pairs this outfit with the purple jacket we saw in the last episode.


Chandler’s wearing an And 1 shirt! These were so popular back in the 90s — these and No Fear shirts, Big Dog shirts, etc.

Basically, if a shirt could be oversized and have a bold graphic on it at the same time, it’d pass in 90s culture.

Want some of your own? Check out Poshmark!




So Ross is eating pie — for quite a while before his allergic reaction hits him, BTW — and the chain of events it sets into motion ends with Ben at the Department of Health Services.

“Is your tongue swelling up?”

“Either that, or my mouth is getting smaller.”

When he finds out he’ll need a shot, Ross is suddenly up for board games.

“Anyone one up for Scrabble?”

The whole “Ross has a swollen tongue” gag comes to a head when Joey’s the only one that can understand him because apparently his Uncle Sal has a really big tongue. This leads us to a line that Elizabeth, in her naive youth, didn’t understand for years:

“Is he the one with the beautiful wife?”

Chandler and Joey say they can take care of Ben while Ross and Monica rush to the ER. The guys pack what looks like every single item that Ross had brought along for the weekend, including a teddy bear in the baby-wearing contraption Joey has on. This reminded us of stories we’ve heard about baby-wearing actually hurting the tiny humans that are strapped in. We also think it’d be pretty cool to train a cat to be worn like a baby…

They hit on a couple of women on the bus, forget all about Ben, and end up racing to the Department of Health Services to retrieve him. They both pose as the father (and the attendant doesn’t check their IDs!), and there’s another baby in a crib — whose baby is that?! What happened to that baby’s parents? We try not to think too hard about it, because it’s just plain depressing. But which baby is Ben? They flip a coin to decide.

“Ducks is heads, because ducks have heads.”

“What kind of scary ass clowns came to your birthday?”



“I’m in the shower and I’m writing a song … stop me if you’ve heard it … my skin is soapy and my hair is wet … and tegrin spelled backward is nirget.”

“Lather, rinse, repeat, and lather, rinse, repeat…”

Terry (the manager at Central Perk) isn’t a fan of songs like this, or Phoebe’s music at all for that matter. So he hires a professional, Stephanie, to play at the coffee house.

This is a tie-in to the real-life FRIENDS soundtrack that had been released a couple months prior to this episode airing. The Pretenders (and lead singer Chrissie Hynde) performed “Angel of the Morning” on the soundtrack, so Stephanie/Chrissie Hynde played it for Central Perk visitors in the episode.

Phoebe is forced to play outside on the curb.

“My name used to be on the board. Now it just says ‘Carrot Cake’.”

We also have our first mention of “Smelly Cat” in this episode! Pheebs mentions to Rachel that when she played it, all she got was “$0.25 and a condom.” At the end of the episode, Phoebe and Stephanie play the song together — Lisa Kudrow has said that scene is her favorite moment on the show. Apparently, Chrissie Hynde helped her write it!


  • Stephanie: Chrissie Hynde

  • Terry: Max Wright (dad on ALF!)

  • Woman on street: Lea Thompson

    • Caroline in the City! SPACE CAMP (which apparently had every actor known to man in it — including Tate Donovan. Hellooooo, FRIENDS crossover!)

  • Bus Girl #1: Catherine Bell

  • Guy crossing the street: Santa Claus!

  • Condom guy: Giovanni Ribisi (NOT Frank Jr. Jr. yet)


  • WTF are these cube-shaped pillows on Monica’s couch? We have a theory, and it includes Jeff the Crew Member, a wedding, and a crazy aunt.

  • There’s a trash can in the apartment! There’s a trash can in the apartment! We know you’ve been waiting so long for us to confirm this.

  • Outside door is SO the apartment color!

  • Albums in store window: Seal, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Alanis Morissette, Belly, Barenaked Ladies, Enya


  • Continuity with Monica’s arms crossed when Chandler is telling her it’ll be forever before she has a baby.

  • Monica has TWO copies of the Better Homes & Gardens cookbook (now in its 17th edition, BTW).


  • Happy Keys --- “I always feel better after someone shakes jagged metal in my face.”

  • “I’m unemployed and my nephew hates me” … “Oh stop that … you’re just unemployed.”

  • Extended version of Chrissie Hynde playing “Angel of the Morning” at Central Perk (it’s basically a music video!)



Kiwi Lime Pie Shots

Kiwi Lime Pie Shots