Elizabeth’s “I Swear to Do Better” Jar for Season 3 (through Episode 13):


S02 E01 - TOW Ross's New Girlfriend

S02 E01 - TOW Ross's New Girlfriend

aka TOW Everyone’s Suddenly Glamorous!

OAD: 09/21/95


Heather’s Blood Orange-o Tutti

Heather’s Blood Orange-o Tutti

The inspiration for this week’s signature beverage came from a variety of places:

  • Ross took an orange from the fruit bowl on the kitchen table.

  • Rachel began the episode with blood dripping from her forehead.

  • Paulo greeted everyone with “Buongiorno tutti!” when it was revealed that he spent the night with Rachel.

  • Monica had champagne at the ready when she thought that Ross and Rachel would be returning from the airport hand-in-hand and newly coupled.

Elizabeth’s Blood Orange-o Tutti

Elizabeth’s Blood Orange-o Tutti

Another reason we wanted a little bubbly:

We’re kicking off Season 2! WE KNOW, right?!

To make this drink, we simply scooped some Ciao Bella Blood Orange sorbetto into a glass and topped it all off with a little bubbly. Super simple, right? And yet super apropos for today’s episode, too!

P.S. It stays cold for quite a while, and the sorbet gradually melting into the champagne gives it an indulgently creamy texture. Score!



There isn’t too much food in this episode:

  • Rachel drinks red wine from a glass because she DGAF anymore after finding out that Ross is dating Julie.

  • Bowl Watch: We’ve got an official Bowl on the kitchen table. Sure, it’s filled with some pretty generic fruit (including the orange that Ross grabs that helped inspire our signature beverage), but hey — it’s a start!

  • The gang is enjoying a yummy-looking brunch spread: bagels, fruit, orange juice, coffee, and whatever goodies Julie’s brought in that white pastry box!


The show is officially a hit, so the fairy god-network must’ve bestowed a heftier budget on our favorite show: everyone is suddenly glamorous! Even the lighting is better. We’ve got better makeup, better hair, and thanks to the improved lighting and film quality, we’re noticing things we didn’t notice before — even the red flowers on Monica’s dress (the same one she wore in the Season 1 finale) are brighter!

The guys are all sporting haircuts from “Vidal Buffay” — nice way to work in the haircuts that Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc got over the summer, savvy writers! Chandler’s looking for a tailor (not just somebody to draw on him with chalk), and Joey offers his tailor, Frankie — but it turns out that Frankie takes more into his hands than normal tailors!


Season 2 is when Rachel achieves her prime “Rachel” haircut! She’s so cute and curvy this season. The full sexification of her character is complete, right up to the “Tease” printed on the patch on her faux mechanic’s shirt. Her skirts are shrinking (to the point of being shorter than her barista apron), and when she sports one of her favorite denim vests at the end of the episode, she’s wearing nothing underneath it!

We love the brown satin skirt she wears in this episode — it seems to have these cute inverted scallop cut-outs that add a real retro feel to it.


Monica’s wearing the same blah beige flowered dress she wore at the end of last season, but we noticed the pretty ruby-colored jewelry she’s wearing with it (thank you, Season 2 lighting!). Later on, she’s wearing something (gasp!) form-fitting and (gasp!) flattering — a maroon shift dress with a pretty scalloped v-neck neckline.


Phoebe’s outfits are SO cute in this episode! She starts things off with a long, beige flowered skirt, a tie-dye-ish blue top tied together at the waist — and she’s even showing a little midriff! Next she has a cute denim/tie-dye-ish spaghetti-strap dress with matching scrunchie — and you can see her arms and legs! She tried to avoid Paulo while wearing a floral wrap skirt/sarong, blue v-neck tee, and bold pendant necklace.

Everyone Else

OMG, Ross — the DAD JEANS! It’s a good thing it’s 1995, or we would have to call the fashion police on you! It’s even tucked into his pants! Geez!

Chandler sports not one, but two retro shirts in this episode. The more notable of the two is a red bowling shirt that says “Spike” on it.

Finally, Julie’s wearing a cute all-white outfit. Her white button-down, which she has tied at the waist, looks similar to the shirt Ross was wearing the day before, but we’re pretty sure it’s not the same one — Julie would likely be swimming in it!




“Isn’t that just kick you in the crotch, spit on your neck fantastic?”

Poor Rachel. She’s just not having a good day. She goes out on a limb to meet Ross at the airport and profess her like for him, and he gets off the plane with Julie! Luckily, she carried around a zebra-print Band-aid in her purse so she could put it on her cut (a very Heather move, BTW).

She comes back to the apartment, ruins Julie’s chicken-poop-lap story, and drinks wine from a glass because she just doesn’t care anymore. The next day, she tries valiantly to deal with Ross’s over-the-top phone calls and kissy noises, but she can’t take it any longer and leaves.

“Buongiorno tutti!”

EW! Paulo’s back and Phoebe isn’t having it. What we want to know is, how has Rachel not “run in” to Paulo until now (literally or figuratively), if he lives in the same building? Opposing work schedules, perhaps?

“There’s rock bottom, 50 feet of crap, and then me.”

Joey is so nice to try to comfort Rachel (and without even hitting on her!) She’s just had a crappy couple of days.


The guys got haircuts from Phoebe, so Monica wants one, too! Phoebe tries to get out of it, but Monica wears her down (partially by taking advantage of Phoebe’s vulnerable state when Paulo shows up).

“Some of you are gonna get cut, and some of you aren’t, but I promise none of you will feel a thing.”

Well, things don’t go very well. Phoebe mixes up Demi Moore with Dudley Moore, and cut off way more than Monica was hoping she would. We’re pretty sure this elicits our very first “I KNOW!” from Monica!

“I’ve put a clip on one side, which seems to have stopped the curling.”

How funny is it that they treat Monica’s bad haircut like she’s had a botched surgical procedure?! (“I’m not gonna lie to you Ross, it doesn’t look good.” “No, your hair looks too good it might upset her … Ross, why don’t you come on in?”)

Here’s some background on the Dudley Moore references they make in the show:

“It’s a ‘Ten’”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=okNvzDF11J4 (famous Bo Derek beach scene -- her big break)

“You could get caught between the moon and New York City”: Lyrics from the theme from “Arthur” by Christopher Cross (“Sailing”): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gnBPHWk5FQ8


“You have to stop the Q-tip when there’s resistance!”

Chandler needs some pants altered, so Joey offers his tailor, Frankie. As it turns out, Frankie has a very … interesting way of tailoring pants. Chandler bursts back into the apartment, violated and angry.

“Yo paisan … your tailor … is a very bad man!”

Poor Joey is shocked that that’s not how they do pants (well, unless you’re in prison, according to Ross). He’s positively shook for the rest of the episode.

miscellaneous fun


The RESERVED sign is on the table at Central Perk! Buzzfeed noticed this a few years ago and wrote an article about it — no wonder the orange couch was always ready and waiting for them!

We’ll have to watch “TOW the Bullies” extra closely to see if the Reserved sign is missing — maybe that’s why the bullies took their seats!


  • Phoebe’s recap of Season 1, talking to the audience: “So enough about us. How have you been?”

  • After Chandler says “Maybe it was God doing me,” him saying, “Because aside from being almighty he’s a whiz at voices.”

  • The whole scene where Rachel asks, “Who gave her our phone number?” and Phoebe saying, “Who had the motive? Was it the actor? The chef? The masseuse? Or is it the guy who’s dating her?”

  • Rachel saying, “Okay, Paulo, now you’ve seen everybody, and better yet they’ve all seen you.”

  • Phoebe saying “My mom’s dead” to try to get pity points for screwing up Monica’s hair

  • Chandler at the tailor, shaking his ass in front of the mirror and saying, “This is what my butt looks like to a fly.”

  • After Ross and Chandler tell Joey “that’s not how they do pants,” Ross saying, “I’ll put on a pot of coffee,” then touching Joey’s shoulder and Joey slinking away

  • Phoebe saying, “Well, you know … bell bottoms came back in.” after Monica says Mary Tyler Moore would’ve been better

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S02 E02 - TOW the Breast Milk

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