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S01 E23 - TOW Rachel Finds Out

S01 E23 - TOW Rachel Finds Out

OAD: 05/18/95


It's Rachel's birthday, and we've reached the end of Season 1 -- it's time to celebrate!

What better way to do that than with a Birthday Cake Martini? We snagged this recipe from Michael over at Inspired By Charm. It's a delectable combination of whipped vodka, amaretto, white chocolate liqueur, and half-and-half (or, in Elizabeth's case, unsweetened almond milk).

Amazingly enough, those ingredients combine into a concoction that does indeed taste like birthday cake!

It's perfect in a martini glass rimmed with colorful nonpareils.


It's Rachel's birthday, and they're having a barbecue! Phoebe takes the "ground-up flesh of previously cute cows and turkeys" out of the fridge, and the guys come over with charcoal and grill tools and proudly proclaim, "Men are here. We make fire. Cook meat."

Monica's using Worcestershire sauce! Elizabeth can't say the word, "Worcestershire," but Heather does a pretty good job. We've linked to some Lee and Perrins, in case you want to order some for yourself.

Did you also notice Phoebe fake-pouring mayo out of the jar? And later on, she's slicing tomatoes and red onions -- with her left hand! Popsugar confirms that Lisa Kudrow is indeed left-handed. Be on the lookout for leftie moments for the rest of the series!

Out on the balcony, the guys are drinking beer and encouraging Ross to forget about Rachel and go to China and eat some Chinese food (or just "food," as they call it there).

A little later, we see some chips and salsa on the kitchen table right before Rachel announces that they're going to open presents, and you can also spy some jars of Classico tomato sauce behind Monica. Elizabeth grew up on Classico. Heather prefers Newman's Own sauces. Our favorite is Sockarooni sauce!

Of course, no birthday would be complete without a birthday cake. Rachel's looks pretty run-of-the-mill, with white icing and yellow flowers on it.

And then there were the fruit baskets. Everywhere. Melanie, Joey's girlfriend of the week, sells fruit baskets. So when he occupies himself with "being there for her," she rewards him with multitudes of fruity thank yous! We love when Chandler quips, "Hey, do we have any fruit?"


Let's talk about Chandler's carbalicious breakfast! We've got:

  • Cap'n Crunch Berries
  • Apple juice (in a juice box)
  • Toast
  • Marmalade

Apparently, Chandler is getting ready to run a marathon.

Speaking of carbs, Rachel enjoys some white wine out on the balcony with Carl, the most annoying date EVER, and when she spontaneously decides to leave and meet Ross at the airport, she tells Monica she can finish her date -- like the obnoxious man-sandwich he is.


Ah, the fashion. Rachel wore a very memorable skirt (and had a couple of Nubbin Alerts), Monica wore a little red and a LOT of beige (shocking!), Phoebe was a plethora of color, and ALL THE GUYS WORE WAY TOO MUCH HAIR GEL. We've got slideshows and shop-the-show links below!







NOT ROSS and JuliE




  • Girl giving Rachel the evil eye when she pushes past her at the airport


  • Both apartments -- spices on back of stove


  • Entire DVD intro: Joey nodding off while Ross shows him and Chandler some pictures, “trumps the has he pooped series,” girls freaking out when they hear Ross has pictures

  • Chandler saying that Joey doing a fertility study is going to bring them so much pleasure (in making fun of him)

  • Rachel: I actually know somebody who loves what they do | Ross: Yeah but what do you do after a tough day at work

  • Monica sarcastically saying she loves BBQing with Phoebe after Phoebe makes the “ground up flesh” comment

  • Chandler: I don’t care what anyone says, we’re doing presents first!

  • Chandler trying to deter Rachel from going to the airport by saying that Ross is sitting on a plane watching a woman do “this” right now

  • Joey: You’re just sayin that | “The Thinker” statue

  • Rachel walking in saying she missed him, Chandler pretending to care then saying he’s going to bed and saying “Yes! … pizza coupons.”

  • Chandler pointing to the paper and asking, “Hey, is something going on with OJ?”

  • Whole ending scene when Monica “finishes” Rachel’s date, Chandler freaking out that there are so many things he hasn’t done -- Baywatch and Yasmine Bleeth

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