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S01 E22 - TOW the Birth

S01 E22 - TOW the Birth

AKA TOW One Costume Change and a Chunky

OAD: 05/11/95



Let's have a round of peanut buttery applause for Heather this week, for this brilliant concoction! This is entirely her creation -- inspired by Susan's purchase of a Chunky candy bar at the hospital gift shop! Chunkys were originally made with chocolate, cashews, raisins, and Brazil nuts. When Nestlé bought the brand, it switched the formula to peanuts, chocolate, and raisins.

So what better way to get chocolate, peanuts, and raisins (aka dried grapes) into a cocktail than to use Van Gogh PB&J vodka and Godiva Dark Chocolate liqueur? Elizabeth was a bit skeptical of the recipe at first, but after smelling the vodka (which, amazingly, smells exactly like peanut butter and jelly) and shaking up a cocktail, she's definitely a fan.


Van Gogh and other cocktail connoisseurs recommend pairing the PB&J vodka with cola, but Elizabeth tried this and didn't like it as much as our cocktail. Plus, our cocktail gives you more alcoholic bang for your buck, so why mess with perfection?

Chunky Martini

  • 2 ounces Van Gogh PB&J vodka
  • 1 ounce Godiva Dark Chocolate liqueur

Shake over ice in a cocktail shaker, pour into a martini glass.

Seriously. Thats the whole thing.



As we said on the show, there wasn't a huge amount of food in this episode. There are mentions of food -- like Ross saying Ben looked like his 'Uncle Ed covered in Jell-O," and Monica promising the baby that she'd "always have gum."

If you look closely, you can see the very last bite of Joey's sandwich (mentioned in last week's episode) in his hand before he tosses it aside after Ross mentions Carol's mucus plug (eeshk!).

The food star of this episode is, of course, the Chunky. It inspired our signature beverage, it made Carol and Susan late to the maternity ward, and Susan even pulls one out of her pocket and offers it to Ross (he passes).

The Chunky made a memorable appearance in another NBC sitcom: The Office.



Rachel's the only member of the gang who officially changes clothes in this episode (unless you count Phoebe and her "Hospital Worker Ben" ensemble).

Upon meeting Carol's handsome obstetrician, she rushes home to change into a rather formal, emerald-green spaghetti-strap dress, pairing it with a black velvet jacket, black nylons, and what we think just might be ... the Paulo shoes!

Too bad things don't work out for Rachel and Dr. Franzblau -- what a waste of a cute outfit!

As Heather says, though, it's always good practice to go out looking your best -- you never know who you might run into!

As for Elizabeth, she typically runs into people she knows only when she looks like absolute crap. Murphy's law, we suppose.



Phoebe keeps things simple (and very 90s artiste) in an all-black ensemble: black turtleneck, black leggings, black boots.

The form-fitting, mime-like outfit works well, though, considering she's able to slip the Ben coveralls over it pretty easily (meaning she didn't have to get nekked in front of Ross and Susan in the janitor's closet to do it.)

Do you think the wardrobe department planned it that way, so Phoebe would have an easy time changing? Either way, way to go, Pheebs!


Susan is wearing a classic 90s look in this episode -- well, a classic "I rolled out of bed because my partner is going into labor and I didn't think like Heather and leave out a special Labor Day outfit weeks in advance just in case" 90s look. She's got a long spaghetti-strap dress over a white t shirt, paired with a green hoodie that she's only wearing at the beginning of the episode.

We guess that all that running around yelling at Ross heated her up pretty quickly, so she lost the sweatshirt.



Jonathan Silverman (of The Single Guy and Weekend at Bernie's fame) is one of two guest stars on this episode, playing Carol's doctor.

Given that he's "in uniform," he doesn't have much flexibility in the fashion department, but at least manages to wear an interesting tie (that's very reminiscent of the "Scream" series by Edvard Munch.)

  • We get into more details about his appearance (and his connection with David Schwimmer) in the "Fun" section!



Leah Remini guest stars as Lydia, a pregnant woman whom Joey stands beside and assists throughout her labor. She dons a basic, rather wholesome-looking flowered dress and oversized maroon button-down, considering how firy of a personality her character has!

In her book, Troublemaker, Leah remarks about how big of a break the FRIENDS gig was for her. Sure, she'd had plenty of work already -- including a multi-episode stint on Saved By The Bell, but c'mon -- this is FRIENDS



Ah, the fun of the waiting room. Joey says he'll be in the waiting room handing out cigars when he has a baby, to which Chandler quips, “Joey’s arranged to have his baby in a movie in the 1950s.” Rachel makes a very bad joke about having babies in cabs, and Monica whines about not having any babies at all when a woman walking past her got TWO. This is the beginning of Monica and Chandler's on-screen chemistry -- from him sleeping with his head on her shoulder, to their "If neither of us is married by the time we're 40" pact, to him helping her out when she's on the phone with her parents and loses it when another new mother walks by with a baby.

Delivery room

Let's talk some more about Jonathan Silverman! As you may remember, he was one of the leads in Weekend at Bernie's, and had a short-lived NBC sitcom himself, The Single Guy. That show won the coveted spot between FRIENDS and Seinfeld in the Thursday night lineup, but it only lasted two seasons. David Schwimmer actually guest-starred in an episode, and considering that Weekend at Bernie's is mentioned as Rachel's actual favorite movie in Season 4's "TOW the Embryos," we wonder if perhaps Jonathan and David were friends in real life...

Here's another interesting tidbit: While fighting over baby names, Ross mentions "the whole Jesse, Cody, Dylan fiasco." Now get this: Cole and Dylan Sprouse played Ben in later episodes of FRIENDS,  and Cole played Cody on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Weird, right? The names Dylan and Cody were sort of popular in 1995 (#34 and #26 on the list of top baby names for the year, respectively), but not so popular as to explain this freaky coincidence!

We're almost done with the coincidences -- just one more! Estelle's in this episode! Did you see her? Okay, she's not playing Estelle, but June Gable is playing the OB nurse. She hadn't appeared on the network version of the show yet, so this is the first time she actually had screen time. In the DVDs, however, you can see her play Estelle in the bonus content in the episode where Joey's in Freud!


Three terrific actors shoved into a tiny space means one thing: You're going to have a memorable scene! From Phoebe screeching, "Don't make me do this again. I don't like my voice like this!" to her singing, "They found their bodies the very next day...," to her touching commentary on how much love little Ben has waiting for him even though he's not even born yet, Lisa Kudrow rules this scene. Ross and Susan give memorable dramatic turns as they're fighting over Ben. 


  • Joey freaking out about the water breaking, starts to breathe, “I’m okay, I’m okay, that’s disgusting…”

  • Weirdness...re-edited so they could take out Monica and Chandler trying to find everyone, Chandler saying, ‘There’s something sinister going on here,” when they can’t find Phoebe and Joey, either.

    • Netflix: Threesome pounding on door, Rachel flirting with doctor, Joey helping Leah Remini

    • DVD: Rachel flirting with doctor, Monica and Chandler, threesome pounding on door, Joey helping Leah Remini

  • Lydia holding the baby, showing her to her boyfriend -- sarcastic, “Ours is at the shop … geez, I hope she gets my brains.”

  • Credit card breaking in door after Susan criticizes, “I think you’re doing it too hard.”

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