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S01 E20 - TOW the Fake Monica

S01 E20 - TOW the Fake Monica

TOW Marcel Does Curious George

OAD: 04/27/95


Heather's Banana Monana

Heather's Banana Monana

Heather made some modifications to the original recipe, but Elizabeth (true to form) didn't look at the recipe until the last minute, when she realized that she didn't have most of the required ingredients. So she made her own version (basically, she made sure that there was a banana in it because ... Marcel).

Heather added some banana to the base of her cocktail, since the recipe only called for it as a garnish and that just didn't seem right. She used Dark Chocolate Godiva liqueur, and instead of Bailey's, she finally got to break into her Amarula liqueur.

Elizabeth's Banana Monana

Elizabeth's Banana Monana

She subbed in some Frangelico instead of hazelnut syrup, and used toasted coconut Siesta Key rum instead of dark. Okay, so she really didn't stick to the recipe at all. But it definitely served as a starting point!

Let this quasi-recipe serve as your starting point, and let us know what you're drinking!


1 oz rum (white or dark)

1 oz toasted coconut liqueur OR Amarula liqueur

1 oz Frangelico (or other hazelnut liqueur)

1 oz Godiva Dark Chocolate liqueur



Chandler and Joey are drinking cups of joe while thinking of alternate stage names for Joey.


Monica (or, should we say Monana?) is preparing a giant loaf of what looks like garlic bread -- it looks like she's got some softened butter (perhaps infused with chopped garlic?), and Fake Monica is manning the burners, where we've got two large pots -- likely spaghetti and sauce. Makes sense, given that spaghetti is one of the three or four things we've seen Monica make so far on the show!


Drunk Monica drinks water from the faucet. We've all been there, Mon! Too bad she had to move the dirty spaghetti dishes out of the way to get there. Very good job with the continuity in this episode, Jeff the Crew Member! The dirty dishes in the sink showcase just how far off the deep end our normally pristine Monica has gone!



Boy, they must've kept it REALLY cold in the studio for this episode. Maybe the monkey likes it chilly? We've got no less than FOUR Nubbin Alerts for poor Rachel in this one! The first comes when she's in her jammies: a tan top paired with boxer shorts. Next, she's popping out of her graphic t-shirt and red plaid leggings at dance class. When she has to go to work later, she's still freezing while wearing a blue/grey crop sweater. She foregoes the nubbins in her fourth outfit of the episode, but we only see the top of it (a cute plait boatneck shirt) because she's sitting on the floor beside the living room table. We can only guess that she's got an electric blanket over her legs underneath the table. The fourth Nubbin Alert is really more of a side nubbin: she's back in jammies (this time a black shirt and dark plaid jammie pants). Get the girl a cup of hot cocoa, for the love of Pete!


Behold: Monica's Psychological State as Reflected in Her Wardrobe Choices. First off, Monica's shaken up by the fact that her credit card's been stolen, and (as Elizabeth's therapist likes to say) "When we're stressed, we regress." Monica is clearly comforting herself with her childish choice of a red t-shirt and overalls. Later that night (much later, judging by how tired Rachel is), Monica's unable to sleep and clad in her classic red silk robe. When she's making garlic bread with Fake Monica, she's feeling kooky -- as symbolized in her "crazy" (for Monica, anyway) floral pattern on her otherwise typically monochromatic shirt. The next outfit is more reflective of her plan from earlier that day -- to crash an embassy party. She looks like she's posed as a cater waiter in her black overalls skirt and white button-down. However, the haphazard way her overall straps keep falling down is very representative of her drunken state. Once she learns that Fake Monica's been caught, she's back to her old, in-control self. Very buttoned-up and conservative again when she goes to visit Fake Monica at Riker's Island.


Pheebs is a great combination of grandma's closet and quirky fun in this episode. She starts off with a crazy patchwork vest, then moves into a denim shirt with white daisy patches on the collar and a long blue skirt with white daisies drawn on it. She finishes off that outfit with some classic black Chucks. At the end of the episode, she's raided her grandmother's clothes again and picked out a very neutral ensemble.


Ross starts off in an outfit that, once he figures out HOW TO WEAR THE RIGHT SIZE, is more reflective of his sense of style in the later seasons: a grey t-shirt underneath a zip-up checked shirt. Then he regresses into "meh" territory with a tan vest with white button down and black pants. He's back to stylish Ross in the next scene, though, in a fantastic subtle plaid suit. There's just something about this look that makes us go, "Mmmm..." His airport scene ensemble isn't much to look at, until you look closely: He's got a banana pin on his lapel!


Surprise: Chandler's in a couple of sweater vests and a retro-looking color-blocked shirt in this episode. We know -- could he BE any more predictable?


It's as if Joey took Estelle's advice to get a more "serious" stage name and translated it into a boring, dad-ish wardrobe for this episode. He starts off with a boucle brown sweater, moves into a VERY dad red striped sweater, a blurry plaid for the coffee house, and a bleh-brown sweater for the airport. Oh well, at least he's taking a break from all the turtlenecks and squirtlenecks!



Poor Ross: Right before the arrival of his real son, his simian son is taken away. He just can't catch a break! The whole "zoo as college" theme in this episode is hilarious, from Scranton being their "safety zoo" to Miami being a "total party zoo." 



Joey's searching for a new stage name. Chandler suggests "Joey Switzerland" after Joey says his agent suggested that he needs something more "neutral." However, Chandler's suggestion of "Joseph Stalin" goes right over poor Joey's head. He looks quite perturbed when he walks into the girls' apartment proclaiming that Joseph Stalin was apparently a dictator who slaughtered a bunch of people. Maybe he should go with Phoebe's suggestion of "Flame Boy"?

By the end of the episode, Chandler's clearly tricked him again when he walks into an audition (performing for a trio that turns out to be real-life show creators David Crane, Marta Kauffman and Kevin Bright) and says his name is "Holden Magroin," we know the name change is a lost cause.

This reminded us of Jennifer Aniston's real-life stage name. Her given name is actually Jennifer Anastassakis (which probably explains why she could pronounce it so easily in TOW Monica and Chandler's Wedding).



Speaking of which, did you notice that Pheebs is playing with a Game Boy? Those things were soooooo cool back in the day. They were one of the first handheld devices, but definitely not the last.

Neither of us had Game Boys. Instead we opted for the Sega Game Gear, which came with a wider screen and -- hello -- it was in COLOR! So much cooler, right? We loved our Sonic the Hedgehog!

Did you have any handheld gaming devices? Which one(s)?



In a blink-and-you-miss-it moment, the guys recreate the famous "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" proverb, historically depicted in a trio of monkeys. Most people nowadays only know of them as emojis.



You may not recognize his face, but you definitely know his voice.

Harry Shearer is one of those “been in everything” actors who's perhaps best known for his extensive voice work.

He's played -- get this -- 21 characters on The Simpsons, including Ned Flanders, Principal Skinner, Mr. Burns, and Smithers!

Too bad he was a royal jerk in this episode. Making animals fight with each other is NOT COOL.


When Fake Monica is nabbed by the credit card police, Real Monica visits her at Riker's Island -- one of the most famous and largest prisons in the world. It turns out the mayor of New York has big development plans he's trying to push through that would shutter the prison for good.

One note: Are you really trying to convince us that this con artist wouldn’t have tried to use the fact that Monica KNEW she’d stolen her card as a defense? Try to get her charged with aiding and abetting a Fake Monica?


  • Monica takes the top half of the garlic bread off twice.

  • Chandler and Joey took Marcel on a walk? This is a repeat continuity error -- Ross just barely avoided getting charged with harboring an illegal exotic in TOW the Monkey Gets Away, and they're just ... taking him on a walk?

  • Judging from the stuttered start and air bubbles, it's pretty clear that Monica’s sink doesn’t get turned on very often.


  • ENTIRE opening scene on DVD -- Monica and her mom at the restaurant, where her credit card is denied (then credits). On Netflix, cold open comes after Rachel’s “Curious George” line

  • Chandler: "When I say geek, I mean … you bought a $70 mop, you’re a geek." This is ironic, because in Season 4, Chandler and Kathy share a moment about the Wonder Broom.

  • Ross: "You think you guys would be a little more understanding." | Phoebe: "Yeah, but we’re not."

  • Monica: “I’ve had a recent head injury and certain numbers and dates… Barbeque!...”

  • Chandler suggesting Joey Heatherton as a stage name (female sex symbol in 60s and 70s), Joey says, “I told you, I don’t want to go back to Joey!"

  • Monica making joke about kissing an archbishop … but it could’ve been a chef!

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