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S01 E19 - TOW the Evil Orthodontist

S01 E19 - TOW the Evil Orthodontist

TOW…Nobody Puts Rachel in the Corner

OAD: 04/06/95

From Heather With Love

From Heather With Love

Barry takes Rachel to the Russian Tea Room in this episode, so Heather pulled up the cocktail list from the restaurant's website and we went to town on it! Heather recreated the From Russia With Love cocktail -- a combination of Godiva liqueur, Chambord, and champagne. Her version uses Godiva Dark and prosecco, though, since that's what she had on hand.

From Heather With Love

1 oz Godiva Dark Chocolate

1 oz Chambord


Shake Godiva and Chambord over ice, pour into martini glass, and top with Prosecco.

Choco-Cherry Imperial

Choco-Cherry Imperial

Always one to hesitate to make a real decision, Elizabeth opted to combine two cocktails from the list based on some of the yummy ingredients in them.

Taking inspiration from the Chocotini (vodka, Godiva White Chocolate, and Kahlua) and the Boyer Imperial (sour cherry preserves, vodka, and Chambord). Her concoction uses black cherry preserves, vodka, Chambord, and Godiva White Chocolate. It tastes like a chocolate-covered cherry!

Choco-Cherry Imperial

1 oz Tito's vodka

3/4 oz Godiva White Chocolate

1/2 oz Chambord

1/2 tsp black cherry preserves

Shake everything together over ice and strain into a martini glass.



We can't tell exactly which meal is happening in this scene -- there's coffee (in both the kitchen coffeemaker and a decanter on the living room table -- unless that's iced tea?), bagels and cream cheese (or maybe sandwich fixins?), a veggie platter next to Phoebe (or maybe the afore-mentioned sandwich fixins), and a random conversation about snack nut spokes-nuts.

Speaking of which, here are some pics of Mr. Peanut and Mr. Salty. We couldn't find an actual 90s-era mascot for Corn Nuts, but we did find this highly inappropriate (and quickly retracted) radio ad from 1998!


When Chandler recounts his "Greatest Date of All Time" (a bit captured on the FRIENDS soundtrack CD, so Heather and Elizabeth have had it ingrained into their brains for decades now), then promptly informs the gang that he won't be calling her any time soon (so as not to appear desperate), the girls yell at him (and rightly so!).

Phoebe grabs the coffee house phone (as you do), thrusts it at Chandler, and tells him to stop being so "testosteroney." In classic Chandler fashion, he replies, "Which, by the way, is the real San Francisco treat." Here's a commercial with that classic Rice-a-Roni jingle for all you whippersnappers (or those of you who like to reminisce).


Rachel tells the gang about ordering the Russian Tea Room's chicken "where you poke it and all of the butter squirts out." We immediately thought of chicken Kiev, although neither of us actually knew what that was. Turns out, we're geniuses. Chicken Kiev -- or, as the Russian Tea Room menu puts it, "Côtelette à la Kiev" -- is served at the Russian Tea Room as "herb butter stuffed in a breaded chicken breast with Yukon mashed potatoes and a light mushroom sauce." Sounds pretty tasty to us!

Oh, and on a side note: "cuisine" IS the French word for kitchen, and in French, it's pronounced very much as Heather said it, "koo-ZEEN." There's a tiny "ee" sound after the "koo" if you really listen for it, but we'll give her a pass on this one. Here in America, we typically say, "qui-ZEEN."

Speaking of French foods, Phoebe's eating a croissant in the final scene. Or, as Heather says, "QWA-sont."


Joey (who drinks out of a juice box in this episode) talks about cooking naked. You have to be very careful, though, to not cook anything that spatters.


Monica is drinking a huge glass of orange juice -- back in the 90s, when everyone still feared fat (and food companies replaced the fat in foods with sugar and other carbohydrate fillers), orange juice was considered part of a healthy breakfast. No one considered that it's actually SUGAR and blood sugar spikes (and subsequent systemic inflammation) that makes us fat. Oh well. Monica could stand to put on a few pounds, anyway. No wonder she eats a huge sandwich later in the episode -- clearly her blood sugar has crashed and she's craving carbs.


We've got a designated food-holding bowl sitting on the kitchen table! This week, it's got bananas, oranges, and apples in it.



Rachel's a bit more dressed up than the rest of the gang at the start of the episode, which makes sense since she's going on a non-date date with Barry. She's wearing a button-down cream blouse and long brown wrap-skirt. We've also got a Nubbin Alert when she wears it in Central Perk to tell the gang about her non-date date. Interesting that even when she supposedly lost her bra, her nubbins were nowhere to be found. But in the coffee house, there they are! Maybe the coffee house is really cold? She finishes the episode out in a repeat appearance of that fabulous blue velvet shirt, this time with a blue claw clip in her hair to match!


Monica's looking pretty dowdy at the beginning of the episode, in a gray t-shirt, black pants, and a sweater tied around her waist, but she kicks things up a notch with her fun front-tied men's shirt with a slight waffle-ish pattern and high-waisted jeans. Though we don't see it, the peeper mentions how Monica looked like Ingrid Bergman the other day wearing a green dress. We found a look inspired by Ingrid online -- if you give it a try, let us know!


We're working our way into the Phoebe Style! This is a great outfit -- but we couldn't really get a decent full-length shot of it, so we're focusing on the jewel-tone colors of her patchwork velvet vest, instead. Pheebs closes out the episode in a sheer purple top with a watercolor-purple jumper. Very royal in this episode!


Ross sticks to his typical casual uniform in this episode. First he's got a grey Henley with a red button-down on top, then he switches to a striped shirt with a green velvety-looking fabric button-down. We get it, Ross. You like layers.


Chandler's nervous about this chick calling him back, so he's clearly comforting himself by sticking to the stand-bys in his wardrobe: retro shirts and sweater vests


Joey kicks things off in this episode with a chunky cable knit cream-colored sweater with a reddish-pink t-shirt underneath. There's no doubt at this point that they're coloring his hair (he went gray very early in the series). His next outfit is a clear case of him needing more casual outerwear (Elizabeth is very aware of this conundrum): he's wearing a Nike Air sweatshirt, with a formal herringbone overcoat on top.


Ah, the irony of them being pissed that a neighbor is looking at them with a telescope, then they spy on Ugly Naked Guy trying out his new gravity boots. We're pretty sure that our neighbors have seen us in less-than-appropriate circumstances, but that's on them -- we're just livin'!

Bendels NYC -- a luxury handbag/jewelry/accessories place. Barry took Rachel here and bought her a bottle of Chanel. Elizabeth tried to become a Chanel girl a while back (mainly because of her affinity for Marilyn Monroe, who used to talk about sleeping with nothing but Chanel No. 5 on), but it's way too old-ladyish for her. Too much powder!

We've got a repeat appearance of the kid in the dentist chair! We first saw him in TOW the Sonogram at the End, and now he's back (we guess for an adjustment?). He's a lot cheekier this time, too!

Ah, the days when you used to have to wait by the phone for someone to call. And yes, it WAS possible to accidentally turn your phone off! Elizabeth definitely used to check to make sure it was working, too. She and Chandler are kindred spirits, dating-life-wise.

How much fun is it playing Trouble? Oh, never heard of it? Well it's only THE most awesome game EVER made featuring a Pop-o-matic bubble! So fun. Check out this commercial from 1992 featuring Kirsten Dunst! Speaking of board game fun, we had fun reminiscing about the politics and etiquette of Hungry Hungry Hippos.

Okay, now it's time to talk about the ridiculousness that is the Rachel-Barry-Mindy love triangle. Barry cheated on Rachel with Mindy when he and Rachel were engaged, and then he turns around and cheats on Mindy with Rachel as soon as he gets engaged to Mindy. As much as we LOVE Jennifer Grey's portrayal of the dim-witted Mindy, we have to agree with Ross on this one: This situation is just plain MESSED UP. Barry's a jackass (or, as Rachel puts it, "Satan in a smock"), and the girls are right to dump him. And Mindy is very, very stupid for taking him back. And how weird is it that Rachel still agrees to be her maid of honor? Would YOU do that if the scenario was the same?

So let's talk more about Jennifer Grey and how she's basically unrecognizable after her nose job! She's beautiful no matter what, but the difference is pretty insane. Just look at these photos (and of course don't take the decade or two in between pictures into account):


We get a little bit more of a glimpse of Monica's OCD tendencies here (and even more if you watch it on Netflix). When Chandler's date finally calls back, he's so excited that he jumps up and sits on the back of the chair with his feet on the seat cushion! Monica rushes to grab a kitchen towel and put it under his feet. Earlier in the episode, in the widescreen Netflix version, you can see her scrambling to push his feet off the couch when he launches himself at his phone when he thinks he hears it ringing.

The crossword puzzle must be wrong! That's what we tell ourselves when we can't possible fathom that WE are the ones making a mistake. We like how Phoebe tries to make the word "radiator" fit into five letters by shortening it to "rdatr" in this episode.


  • When the gang’s all been looking out the window, when they turn around, Chandler and Phoebe have switched places.

  • The magazines that are on the long skinny table that’s supposedly along the wall where we are (the fourth wall?) are displayed with the covers facing the audience.

  • Mindy and Rachel switch places (and Mindy moves toward Barry) when they’re at Barry’s office.


  • Intro to Chandler leaving the message scene, him making note, “Then, with authority, hang up” and Ross telling him to just leave the message already

  • The Mindy/Rachel scene -- different cut!!

    • DVD - Mindy says she’s only going ask this once and she wants a straight answer, not like the time she asked if her red capri pants made her ass look big. Then mentions her being her best friend, except for maybe Lauri Shaffer (this is a different take), then says she’s just going to ask, then asks.

    • Netflix - No capri pants, just says she’s her oldest friend except for Lauri Shaffer, she wants a straight answer, then asks

  • Chandler asking if the peeper mentioned him, she wants to know why he ties a towel around his head “It’s a leave in conditioner” -- he takes the phone to explain it to her

  • Rachel: “What is it with you and Aruba? Do you have a deal with the airlines?”

S01 E20 - TOW the Fake Monica

S01 E20 - TOW the Fake Monica

S01 E18 - TOW The Monkey Gets Away

S01 E18 - TOW The Monkey Gets Away