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S01 E18 - TOW The Monkey Gets Away

S01 E18 - TOW The Monkey Gets Away

TOW Rachel's School Girl Outfit

OAD: 03/09/95


Heather's banana daiquiri

Heather's banana daiquiri

Once again, we made different versions of the same beverage. Heather stuck pretty closely to the recipe she found online, whereas Elizabeth threw together a banana daiquiri based on what she had on hand (and what flavors she wanted in hers).

True to the recipe, Heather used a combination of banana, lime juice, coconut milk, and (of course) rum. She didn't add in extra sugar, though, because she figured (correctly) that it was plenty sweet all on its own.

Heather is a newly converted proponent of fresh citrus over bottled. Apparently it makes a HUGE difference! It definitely helps if you live in a subtropical climate and have fresh citrus readily available year-round, of course.

Elizabeth's banana daiquiri

Elizabeth's banana daiquiri

Elizabeth used banana, rum, lime juice (you know, the lime juice that expired in January and has that extra "kick" to it), triple sec, and toasted coconut cream liqueur in her version of a banana daiquiri. She didn't need any extra sugar, either. Both cocktails were quite tasty -- in fact, Heather made hers a double (after all, it was our second recording session of the day).

We can't even imagine how sweet it would've been to add even more sugar to an already sweet treat! But we guess that's why it's so easy to down multiple daiquiris when you're out at a restaurant or resort -- they have NO problem piling on the added sugar (and fat, and flavorings, and ...)!



In the cold open, Rachel hurriedly rattles off numerous tea varieties that she's clearly just reviewed and barely memorized in order to report the cafe's tea selection to a customer. She's so busy naming things like chamomile, lemon soother, mint medley, etc (a lot of Celestial Seasonings varieties, by the way), she doesn't realize that it's the wrong customer.



Isn't it nice that Rachel can just hand Monica a cup from behind the counter, and Monica feels comfortable enough to pour herself a cup? We've noticed that the only time any of the gang are actually charged for their beverages, scones, etc. is when it's a plot point (see TOW Five Steaks and an Eggplant). Must be nice!

The closest Elizabeth has gotten to that is that she's on an almost-first-name basis with the staff at her local Starbucks and is bringing her own cup nowadays -- and yes, to answer the question she posed in the episode, it DOES work for iced lattes! Bonus: She gets 10 cents off her drink!

Plus, she thinks they actually give you more in order to fit the cup. Might just be more ice, though ... she's going to try it soon with a hot latte and report back!


Ross and Rachel enjoy some Chinese takeout. Well, Ross enjoys it, but Rachel is too distracted by the news of Barry and Mindy's engagement to truly appreciate her beef with broccoli. Also, where the heck are our chopstick-fork-knife thingees?? They've only made one memorable appearance, and seem to have gone the way of the original kitchen window background (as in, they're gone).


Next up, we've got a particularly cheesy-looking pizza. The guys are gathered around a tiny table enjoying a pie and talking about Ross's neverending crush on Rachel. Heather noticed that the menu behind them featured a stuffed calzone, which got us dreaming about our next podcast, all about Parks and Recreation. Waffles and calzones for everyone! That led us to daydreaming about WAFFLE CALZONES, and how one would make them work in a wafflemaker. We'll figure it out and let y'all know.

Speaking of waffles, Heckles later accuses the girls of stealing the Belgian waffle that he'd left out in the hallway. Why? Because he wasn't ready for it. Classic Heckles.


What's with the Russian? Chandler jokingly says that Marcel may be visiting some of the touristy spots, like the Russian Tea Room, and Rachel pretends to be ordering something with Russian dressing and pickles on the side when Ross walks in as she's reporting the monkey situation to Animal Control.

We knew that Russian dressing was similar to Thousand Island, but after the show we researched how the two are different. Apparently they both have a mayo and ketchup base, but Russian dressing has more of a kick due to horseradish and hot sauce. Yum!


It's evening, but there's an orange juice glass, a cereal bowl, and a mug on the kitchen table while Rachel's monkey-sitting. Huh? There's no way Monica would've left those dishes on the table all day. We're wondering if perhaps Rachel (who can't cook) made breakfast for dinner?


Chandler and Joey are searching the building for Marcel and knock on Apartment 5 (the girls' former apartment number!). They're greeted by an attractive (albeit sweaty) female resident who has an equally attractive and sweaty roommate, and the scene is pretty much the guys' ultimate porno fantasy. In an uncharacteristically NOT smooth move, Joey ruins things by asking the girls for photos of themselves.

We're wondering why Roommate #2 was wearing a long-sleeved shirt if it was so hot in their apartment. This led us into a discussion of the college roommate dance we all did to avoid flashing our roommates while getting changed!


Heckles lures Marcel in with a banana in the hallway and then orders about five years' worth of bananas. He also dresses him up in a cute outfit that, according to Rachel, just needs a cute pair of heels to be a great outfit.



Our favorite fashionista is branching out in the denim category -- this time, she's got black denim on at Central Perk, when she receives the news that Barry and Mindy are engaged. Her hair is a little off -- more similar to its pre-Rachel pupal stage. For the remainder of the episode, she's wearing a VERY classic Rachel outfit -- a red plaid schoolgirl skirt, white sweater, knee-high socks, and blocky black shoes! Her cute ponytail tops off the look perfectly.


Monica's still monotone, but at least she's starting to look a little more cute, and a little less matronly. She starts things off with a black jumper and white blouse, then finishes out the episode in high-waisted jeans, a black belt, and a white button-down shirt. She's wearing chunky black shoes that are very similar to the pair that Marcel supposedly relieved himself in. We've noticed these chunky fashions coming back, but Heather refuses to participate!



Phoebe's big black peace sign earrings make a repeat appearance, and today she's paired them with a top with a design that can only be described as "Oriental rug-like." Yes, it's bold, which Phoebe likes to be -- a mostly red pattern with gold accents. We've got to say, this is not one of our favorite looks on one of our favorite FRIENDS. It's not as loose-fitting as some of her previous looks, but still doesn't do much for her. It just looks too old and old-fashioned for such a delightfully quirky character. 


Suits! Again! Not a surprise! Ross starts off in a dark business suit while he's talking to Rachel about the Penis Embargo, then transitions into a lighter suit, blue shirt, and tie while they're looking for Marcel. We get it, writers: Ross works in a museum and is a Professional.


Did Chandler borrow Ross's Cat-in-the-Hat tie? Kinda looks like it. We know, we know, it's not the same. But apparently Ross's wardrobe decisions have inspired Chandler's purchasing decisions. It looks like he must've gone to the movies straight from work, given that he's bitching about the chick flick while wearing this suit. For the rest of the episode, Chandler's in an olive-green button-down with a beige sports coat. It's pretty meh for us.


Apparently Joey has joined some sort of dark clothing and tweed jacket cult. That is all.



Rachel gets the sucky news that Barry, her former fiancé, is engaged, to Mindy, her former best friend. No wonder she gets distracted and loses Marcel! She's just trying to make herself feel better by watching some soap operas, and she loses a damn monkey. It's really hard to be happy for your ex sometimes. Maybe that's part of the reason why she wanted to go to Newark?

Speaking of which, here's the link to the study we referenced on the podcast. Newark is definitely still, as Ross put it, "The Murder Capital of the Northeast." Way to go, Newark!


Poor Joey had to sit through a movie that didn't have female nudity! Then Phoebe makes a sarcastic reference to the movie Speed, which in 1994 provided many teenage girls' (including Elizabeth's) sexual awakening. Thank you, Keanu Reeves!



Megan Cavanaugh guest stars on this episode as Louisa Gianetti, the surly animal control officer who, because Rachel was a bitch to her in high school, tries to exact her revenge by capturing Marcel. You may remember her from the 1992 movie, A League of Their Own, in which she played Marla, the woman who was an excellent ballplayer but not such a hit in the looks department. Looking back, it was pretty disgusting how they tried to gloss over the rampant sexism in the movie with some clever jokes and slapstick humor involving sending the players through finishing school, but it was a memorable performance nonetheless!


When Monica and Rachel are at Central Perk looking through the engagement announcements, in one shot Monica's got them folded over, and in the next frame they're open like a book.

Also, Ross claiming that Marcel is an illegal exotic -- and yet walking around the city with him, no sign of an animal carrier or other attempt to hide the fact that he has an illegal animal -- that doesn't add up!


  • Monica getting out of awkward situation with Rachel by saying, “Okay, now it’s quiet time … shhh …” and slinking away

  • Ross saying he went to Lincoln High, too

  • Joey looking confused when Phoebe says her ass is asleep, Monica explaining she got a dart to the ass

  • Monica behind the giant magnifying glass, everyone laughing a little bit

  • Rachel saying "this isn’t high school anymore, we’re all adults here," then cut to Joey asking Heckles if he can have the giant magnifying glass

  • Looking at the yearbook, Joey saying “Whoa, big nun” and Chandler responding, “Yeah I thought that was an Alp.”

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