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S01 E10 - TOW the Monkey

S01 E10 - TOW the Monkey

TOW Sweaters, Vests, and Really Old Eggnog

OAD: 12/15/94



It’s TOW the Monkey, and our first time seeing Marcel - so we’re enjoying a banana-based frozen cocktail!


Repetitive muffins, artichoke dip, chips that become popcorn, and eggnog. Really, really old eggnog

  • Muffin in background at Central Perk (discussing NYE)

  • NYE: Champagne, artichoke dip (Rachel’s?), eggnog on front table, David feeding Phoebe from giant bowl of popcorn

    • Alton Brown’s aged eggnog: 4 - 6 months! - https://altonbrown.com/eggnog-recipe/


So many sweaters. So many nubbins. Not so much denim. Trivestas and cumberbows. Best Dressed: Janice!


  • Old lady cardigan, short black skirt (opening scene)

  • NUBBIN ALERT: Off-the-shoulder red top! LOVE! Paired with Christmasy gingham print apron and, of course, a black skirt

  • Deep green cardigan (ornament scene), brown velvet leggings?

  • Denim vest with red long sleeved shirt!

  • NUBBIN ALERT: Short black/brown velvet dress, criss cross back, key necklace


  • Long-sleeved red dress! Like an Amish person at Christmas time!

  • Horizontal striped sweater

  • Red and white polka dot top

  • NUBBIN ALERT! Silver backless dress at NYE, long necklace

    • HD had a teal dress just like this!


  • Black vest, scrunchie, long flowy skirt

  • Another vest -- printed, with red shirt (peace sign earrings), black pants

  • Another vest! Different pattern, black edge, black scrunchie, green shirt

  • Velvet galore -- dark green strappy dress, long-sleeved iridescent green/yellow/brown velvet

  • Mustardy, fairy tale bohemian look for NYE -- tie-up floral corseted bodice


  • Red cable-knit sweater

  • Christmas-print striped button down? With a Henley underneath

  • Denim button down with gingham lining (rolled up cuffs) and khakis


  • Vertical striped sweater - very “dad”

  • Red sweater vest, shirt and tie (looks like he’s come home from work to help Monica decorate her tree)

  • Blurry plaid vest with pockets?!

  • Green suit jacket for NYE


  • Blue sweater

  • Elf costume (Chandler: "Too many jokes … must mock Joey")

  • Green turtleneck

  • White turtleneck and leather jacket for NYE


  • David: Marvin the Martian t-shirt (2 scenes, you can see it peeking out from under his checked mustardy shirt in the second scene)

  • Janice: Black dress with pink ribbon waist tie thingee (HD what’s it called?? - cumberbund/bow), polka dot netting overlay pearl choker

    • Wilder outfit, more annoying voice/laugh

  • Joey’s date in blue velvet dress


  • Phoebe: Why? WHY would a parent name their child Bethel?

  • Chandler: Hey look, that monkey’s got a Ross on its ass.

  • Central Perk decorated for Christmas - tablecloths

  • New Year’s Pact - Chandler “I’m sick of this Dick Clark holiday”

  • Phoebe song: I made a man with eyes of coal and a smile so bewitchin how was I supposed to know that my mom was dead in the kitchen …. La la la la la … my mother’s ashes, even her eyelashes, are resting in a little yellow jar … and sometimes when it’s breezy, I feel a little sneezy

    • “Noisy boys, is it something you would like to share with the entire group?” “Could you speak up please?”

    • Enter David Scientist Guy, Hank Azaria, “luminous, with a delicate grace”

    • Joey: “That guy is going home with more than note.”

  • Monica letting other people decorate her tree???

    • Rachel: “By my 6th date with Paulo, he had already named both of my breasts.”

  • Phoebe & David’s first kiss

    • Old laptop and computer in his lab

  • First appearance of Marcel (really a female monkey named Katie)

  • First appearance of Fun Bobby (also in Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SyJzmzXQq8)

  • Chandler mentioning a peacock biting him when he’s trying to pick up a girl (Phoebe mentioned it in TOW the Blackout ‘’I was the last to find out when the peacock bit Chandler at the zoo.”)

  • Chandler: “I’ no math whiz here, but there are three guys and three girls [kiss, kiss]”

    • Joey kisses Chandler


  • Monica’s closet is open while they’re decorating

  • Rachel’s room -- missing the wall that you see from the living room looking in (where her “Excelsior” poster is in later seasons)


  • Opening scene, pre-Ross coming in: Phoebe saying it’s starting to snow, pointing out that Ugly Naked Guy is hanging candy canes (Rachel: That’s … festive.)

  • Ross follow-up to Chandler asking about dinner: It’s perfect! We’ll put it between lunch and breakfast

  • A few more Ross whines in the scene where Chandler reveals that Marcel can juggle

  • Chandler joking about Minsk (“Hey if you’re gonna do Minsk ... that’s the only way to go”)

  • Extended Phoebe and David scene “How can I leave you … I just found you!)

  • Janice scene … forgive and forget … well, forget

  • Scene in Rachel’s room where they’re helping her put on makeup and get ready, she walks in the opposite direction. “You went a little wide on the lipstick. “ “I did? It’s hard to tell, I think my eye’s closing up.”

  • Rachel spilling her wine because of her fat lip

  • Monica telling Fun Bobby he’s bringing the party down -- gives him the blow thingee

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