Elizabeth’s “I Swear to Do Better” Jar for Season 3 (through Episode 13):


S01 E13 - TOW the Boobies

S01 E13 - TOW the Boobies

TOW…Angry Sauce, Deep Thoughts, and Tit (not Tat)

OAD: 01/19/95


In our variation on this recipe, we substitute amarula liqueur instead of Bailey's. Heather was on the road when we recorded this one, so she did actually use Bailey's but the cinnamon vanilla variety, instead! It turned out great!

1.5 ounces vodka

1.5 ounces amarula cream liqueur

1.5 ounces butterscotch schnapps

1.5 ounces kahlua (coffee liqueur)

Shake all ingredients over ice. Pour and serve.


  • Full shot of the fridge!

    • What does Chandler pick up from the table and eat?

    • Squeezes juice box when he sees Rachel’s boobies!

  • Plate of cookies -- sugar? -- at CP while the girls talk about Roger

  • Joey’s Angry Spaghetti Sauce -- chopping mushrooms (and keeping the stems on! Eek!), sad-looking basil on cutting board (so pale it looks like sage!), chopping garlic (“You’re not gonna crush it?” “Hey, you’re having an affair, I’m chopping the garlic -- it’s a wacky world!” NON, BTW) chopped up onions in bowl (puts them in with tomatoes before stirring/tasting), block of parmesan on counter

    • Ridiculous flame on stove -- should be contained and BLUE LOL

  • Joey eating peanut butter out of the jar -- with his finger! -- still eating it in the background after the jump cut when Ross is arguing with Roger

  • Timer goes DING while they’re hanging out discussing parents misbehaving. WHAT WAS SHE COOKING/BAKING? “Since you saw her boobies, I think you’re gonna have to show her your peepee.” -- close-up of her sprinkling something on something LOL, then a quick shot of something in a bowl - maybe microwave popcorn? - maybe it was the microwave dinging!

  • Monica making cookie dough -- Roger grabs some out of the bowl while Monica and Ross are arguing -- later throws the baked cookies at the door (“Remember -- they’re just food. They’re not love.”)

  • Ronnie eating Cheese Nips on the floor outside the guys’ apartment

    • “Joey’s having an embolism, but I’d go for a Nip”

  • Chicken (in grocery bag, Joey’s mom tells him to put it away while she’s yelling at him)

  • Pizza at end -- HUGE slices, and THICK! As big as Monica’s head!



  • Regular-sized towel around her waist (Okay, why didn’t she have it around her chest like a normal person? And also, Elizabeth has always DREAMED of fitting a regular towel around her waist!!)

  • Denim button up at CP - cafe themed apron again? But different -- more romantically themed (roses, newspaper) -- maybe Cafe Paris? Is that a croque en bouche?


  • B&W rose graphic on long-sleeved tshirt, button up jeans

  • Denim overall vest thingee makes another appearance!! (“You were supposed to be in there so I could see your thing!”)


  • Back in Pleasantville - B&W the whole episode!

  • B&W button up vest at CP, white dress shirt underneath

  • Black turtleneck sweater and long grey skirt when she’s baking cookies

  • B&W cater-waiter/Amish outfit


  • Sheer white lacey top over long dress/skirt (velvet?)

  • Earthy-patterned dress with green shirt underneath. Giant scrunchie and mini-claw clip in her hair

    • Scrunchie is about to fall off

    • Mini peace sign necklace




  • Purple plaid -- really like it! We raise our nubbins to you, Ross!


  • What looks like a work outfit in opening scene -- another boldly printed tie, beige jacket (blech!)

  • Good hair!


  • Grey squirtleneck, t-shirt while he’s cooking

  • Brown velvet (but not velvet -- that soft, almost wet-feeling fabric from the 90s) turtleneck in scene with his mom -- very huggable!


  • Roger: All black -- stereotypical psychologist LOL

    • BTW he plays a psychologist on Frasier -- tests Daphne to see if she’s really psychic

    • Yes! He’s played other roles!

    • “And for a shrink, not too shrinky”

    • 2nd outfit - wallet on a (short) chain

  • Ronni: That JACKET! Shoulder pads, super long, super shiny -- looks like a NASA blanket or what they give shock victims to keep them warm -- and the white boots too!

    • Also, the animal print. A look they give Janice. Is that their way of doing the classic, kinda trashy New Yorker look??


  • People seeing boobies and peepees! (“Nice? They were nice? I mean, mittens are nice.” “Okay, rock, hard place, me”) (“Since you saw her boobies, I think you’re gonna have to show her your peepee.” “tit for tat” “Well I’m not showing you my tat”) -- Ever happened to you?

  • Roger analyzing everyone (EB definitely does this -- psych major!)

    • All the breakdowns he incites in the gang “Hey I married a lesbian to make YOU look good!”

    • Friend protocol -- we all know you’re screwed up, but we love you anyway and don’t point it out to you!

  • Friends not liking the person you’re dating

    • Elizabeth broke up with two best friends because they didn’t like that she wasn’t as available!

  • Parents having affairs, otherwise being naughty -- letting them make their own mistakes

    • Everyone does their best in the moment--parents included--just give them a break

    • If you choose to break away from the mistakes or cycle your parents are caught in, hopefully they can be supportive of you and know that if you’re a confident and capable person, that they did a good job.

  • Chandler and Joey sharing pullout bed together “I can’t sleep in my underwear” “Well you’re gonna”) (“Girls on top of girls” “Are they end to end or tall like pancakes?”) (“When the right woman comes along, you’re going to have the courage and the guts to say, ‘No thanks, I’m married.’”)
    • Is there “one” person for everyone?
    • Chandler wearing Speed Racer t-shirt? Joey Knicks t-shirt (of course)
    • Chandler has socks on, Joey is barefoot.
    • And socks should always match!


  • Joey’s mother! Amazing character!

    • Give you this (grocery), and give you this (knock upside the head)!

    • The way she puts the bed away in one motion when Joey was struggling with it

    • Her sentimental/vulnerable turn when she asks if Joey’s seen the mistress

      • “You’re 10 times prettier than her”

      • “Can I take her?”

    • You can tell she’s a stage actress -- has been nominated for three Tony awards

  • Is this the first reference to Chandler’s dad being gay? “Alcoholic blonde chasing after 20-year-old boys or I’ll end up like my mom”)

  • Phoebe knows Rachel’s not in the shower (and how the hell did Monica get a towel on her that fast??)


  • Rachel’s shoes on the couch -- Monica would NOT have that!

  • Rachel mentioning that in a couple of years they get to turn into parents -- but Ross will be a parent in a couple months!

  • Why does Ronni have a robe when she didn’t know she was going to be staying overnight the night before?

  • Exterior shot between scenes -- green-leafed trees!

  • Grocery bag fell over after Joey put it on the stove, it’s back upright later in the scene

  • This is actually a fix: Guys’ bathroom is now the “right” way -- with the shower directly across from the door


  • Monica saying she’s always liked the breast nickname “bazoombas” -- gives it a Latin flavor

  • Chopping garlic (“You’re not gonna crush it?” “Hey, you’re having an affair, I’m chopping the garlic -- it’s a wacky world!”)

  • Monica asking Ross if he thinks their dad ever cheated on their mom

  • End of Rachel crying over the Weebles (“And mom just took them all away!”)

  • Chandler asking where he’s going to sleep and Joey saying “Out here with me on the hide-a-bed” -- “If you smell smores, don’t be alarmed”

  • Roger sneaking up on Phoebe, Phoebe saying, “Oh no! Don’t EVER do that, EVER!

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