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S01 E11 - TOW Mrs. Bing

S01 E11 - TOW Mrs. Bing

TOW…Hand-Lickers, Freudian Nightmares, and Ungrateful Coma Guys

OAD: 01/05/95



It's TOW Mrs. Bing. She and Ross do some smoochin' after having too much tequila, so we know we wanted a tequila-based cocktail for this week's episode. Since Nora's a romance novelist, we thought some rose or other floral flavor would be nice. And considering how she gets a hankering for kung pao chicken after sex, we thought we'd add in some spice of our own! This Patron recipe proved to be perfect!

At first we thought this was a recipe featured on Top Chef, but as it turns out, they did have a Patron challenge, but this drink was not a part of it. http://www.bravotv.com/top-chef/photos/episode-12-dishes-patron-margaritas-and-guadalajaran-flavor


Cancer popcorn. Fancy salts. Dirty tequila. Dirtier guacamole. Angry ham sandwiches.

  • Cancer (microwave) popcorn while they’re watching Nora Bing on Jay Leno

  • Chandler eating Haagen-Dazs while watching Nora Bing on Jay Leno (Yelling “That’s too much information!” at the TV) - label sort of whited out

    • Kung pao chicken -- not shown, but definitely mentioned!

  • Jose Cuervo shots (oof!!)

  • Cholula hot sauce on table at Mexican restaurant!

  • Chips and salsa

  • Guacamole on Rachel’s wrist -- ewwwwww

  • Rachel eating a Mexican salad? Nora has tacos?

  • Joey making ham sandwiches with mustard?



    • Green skirt suit? With giant buttons!

    • Scoopneck brown shirt at Mexican restaurant (maybe a plaid skirt?)

    • Gold paisley robe, hair up in clip, cute ballet slippers

    • Another denim vest! With brown/black long sleeve shirt (writing romance novel)

    • Long maroon overalls-dress, brown shirt underneath

      • Monica: “What’s a niffle?”

      • Ross: “His huge, throbbing pens”

      • Phoebe: “I just got to the part about her public hair.” (Not on Netflix)


    • Beret, leather jacket, leather gloves in opening scene - more black and grey underneath

      • “Behind you is a guy that has the potential to break our hearts and plunge us into a pit of depression”

    • Pinstriped outfit / red jacket / grey cardigan and turtleneck combo in hospital montage

    • Red long sleeved shirt and jammie pants -- and a ring and a watch?? To bed??

    • Black outfit with bright red scarf for hospital confrontation scene

    • Red backpack purse (so back these days)


    • Big hat to go with her big curly hair in opening scene

      • “Do you think they have yesterday’s news? … I just want to check my horoscope and see if it was right.”

    • Striped men’s shirt and olive colored vest - looks like pajamas

    • Paisley vest / Ugly carpet bag sweater / jumper and floral shirt and floral bracelet in hospital montage

    • Native American-looking outfit/braids at hospital confrontation scene (“Really? Not even to change … HIS PAJAMAS?”)

    • Another tribal look; Moon earrings, braids, oversized red-brown colored dress (runs out of CP after Monica dashes away)

  • ROSS

    • Blue button-up and ANOTHER Henley shirt?

      • “When did Rigatoni get back from Rome?”

    • Business suit at Mexican restaurant (coming straight from museum?) “I’m gonna go to Tinker-Town” (Not on Netflix: after he sees Paulo eat guacamole off of Rachel’s wrist)

      • How he says “Uh oh” when he realizes Nora’s going in for a kiss

    • Another suit the next morning when he tries to talk to Joey re: the kiss

      • "Nora … Mrs. Mom … your Bing..."

    • Red dress shirt, grey jacket, jeans (“We’re rehearsing a Greek play”)


    • Oversized zip collar striped shirt while watching Tonight Show

    • Blue long-sleeved shirt, sweatpants, socks as jammies

    • Light blue jeans, blurry plaid-striped BIG shirt

    • Suit with VERY short tie! Orange shirt, light suit jacket (at least his hair looks good!) Same scarf (fancy with fringe) as what he wore before?

      • I believe I was talking to Joey, alright there mother kisser?

  • JOEY

    • Red turtleneck sweater

    • Maroon turtleneck / leather jacket in Mexican restaurant (“Uh … I’ll go pee in the street!” when he sees the kiss)

    • Striped bathrobe and wife beater (hate that name BTW LOL - a little chest hair!

      • “I’ll have you know that Gloria Tribbiani was a handsome woman in her day. You think it’s easy giving birth to 7 children?”

    • Striped sweater as he’s angrily mustard-ing bread

    • Ugly striped shirt and leather jacket at Central Perk, later wears a long houndstooth coat over that! “When are you gonna grow up and realize that I have a bomb?”


    • NORA

      • Brocade skirt suit on Jay Leno

      • Another power suit with colorful diamonds on the collar at Mexican restaurant

        • “Anyone can [write a romance novel]. Just start with half a dozen European cities, through in 30 euphemisms for male genitalia and BAM you’ve got yourself a book!”

      • Horrible white suit at confrontation scene “You kissed my best Ross!”


  • Joey’s VD poster is on a wall in the background at the very beginning!

  • Morgan Fairchild and Jay Leno

    • She was only 45 when she was playing Chandler’s mom!

  • There are still Christmas decorations up (lining the news stand, and a tree next to it)

  • Monica reading the newspaper to Coma Guy

  • How did Monica knit a sweater so fast?

  • The Kiss

    • Not that much of an age difference … she’s just a cougar!

    • She’s on a PAYPHONE checking for messages left AT THE HOTEL

    • The Code: Sister’s are okay, maybe a hot-looking aunt … but never a mom!

      • So it’s okay that Chandler dates Monica, right? ;)

  • Drawing over the head of the hospital bed -- diamond-shaped with symbols around it -- maybe meant to heal him? Did Phoebe draw it?

  • Rental video on top of TV (Ross tells Chandler)

  • We find out that Rachel’s middle name is Karen (A Woman Undone by Rachel Karen Greene)

    • “Do you think a man’s love stick can be liberated from its denim prison?”

      • Perhaps a subtle reference from Writers to Wardrobe to QUIT IT WITH ALL THE DENIM :)

  • When Coma Guy is a typical guy “We give, and we give, and...we...give… then we just get nothing back, then one day, you wake up, and it’s, see ya around!”

    • Etch-a-sketch

    • You know what, we thought you were different, but I guess it was just the coma


  • Joey says his mom gave birth to seven children, but throughout the rest of the series he mentions his seven sisters…

  • Light fixture over Monica’s kitchen table again, but don’t see the one above the living room!


  • Phoebe saying that she hates that they’re calling Coma Guy “John Doe” “It makes him sound like a deer, a female deer…” Monica interrupts “Oh, I was gonna stop”

  • Ross “I don’t get it - you don’t even know this guy”

  • Monica “I remember page 79 - Yeow” Joey, “Oh yeah the thing after the opera with the trick hip?”

  • Nora: Needless to say, he got a big tip -- Chandler: I think I’m having a stroke

  • Nora: I heard about the divorce … lesbian huh? Well it just goes to show: be careful what you wish for!

  • Ross: Well I’m gonna go to Tinker Town…

  • Nora says Ross is sexy, and the fact that he doesn’t know it makes him even sexier

  • Different scene intro when Nora says goodbye/Chandler confronts her; instead of voiceover, you see her put the books on the table, she says they’re autographed, gives him a goodbye kiss; also a little different when he confronts her … a longer pause and “Are we okay” from Nora

  • Phoebe: Why? She could have heaving beasts! … (then later) Wait! I just got to the part about her public hair!

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