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S01 E08 - TOW Nana Dies Twice

S01 E08 - TOW Nana Dies Twice

TOW a Denim Bib, Zombie Nana, and Chopstick-Fork-Knife Thingees

OAD: 11/10/94



It’s “TOW Nana Dies Twice” and Ross is on muscle relaxants, so we’re drinking Painkillers!


Nutmeg nuggets are the way to go. Oh, the trials of trying to cook ramen in the microwave (dehydrated carrots), Elizabeth won’t settle for anything less than THE chopstick-fork-knife thingees, Gellers don’t know they’re Jewish yet so they eat ham, classic break room fare

  • Chandler’s ramen noodles at the office

  • Chinese food at Monica & Rachel’s

    • THE CHOPSTICK-FORK-KNIFE THINGEES! https://janmstore.com/products/forkchop

  • Funeral: white wine, cheese and crackers, fruit, ham (aren't they Jewish?)

  • Nestle Quik in a can, honey, microwave popcorn in break room


Brown is the new … brown. Rachel channels her inner baby in a denim bib. Country Rachel. Rachel channels Ben Franklin - when did Colonial become sexy? Monica backslides into brown and grey (NOT a law firm). Science Boy makes a secret guest appearance, and Phoebe makes us want cake. Joey wears a ginormous sweater but it’s okay because he’s really nice in real life.


    • Chinese food scene: Hair pinned back with “wispies”, black long-sleeved top with long brownish skirt with black flowers

    • Denim overall top/bib thing

    • Blue and black plaid funeral outfit

    • New Paulo shoes!

    • Scrunchie at Central Perk


    • Back to beige/grey (red coat at hospital) (brown top/tights, grey jacket and skirt)

    • Giant grey turtleneck sweater


    • Physics vest - maybe inspired by Science Boy comic)

    • Animal vest, ruby red velvet skirt

    • Boldly printed skirt at funeral (almost matches curtains LOL)

  • ROSS

    • Nice purple button-down at Central Perk


    • More sweater vests!

    • That crazy tie!

      • Elizabeth would have such a crush on Work Chandler

    • Wondering about his hair “Yes you have homosexual hair” (Nope -- just sexy)

    • Bright pink scarf with funeral outfit -- with the fringe!

  • JOEY

    • Giant red turtleneck

  • VERY 90s sunglasses on the whole gang at the funeral!!


It’s official -- we’re in apartment 20! We’re putting it out there: We will go on a Warner Bros. studio tour with Ellen. The joys of dead people and our worst fears. Attention whippersnappers: Learn about “punching the clock,” giant portable televisions, and “gaydar” (aka pre-Grindr). Laughing at funerals. And through tears. And in general. Because life.

  • Ross and Mr. Geller sitting identically at the hospital

  • Dead people waking up and moving -- Elizabeth's WORST FEAR and why she sucks at being around dead people (funerals, etc.)

  • Old-school punch clock in background of break room at Chandler’s work

  • Is Nana’s closet door the same color as Monica’s apartment?

  • We are officially in Apt 20!

  • Joey’s outdated portable TV

  • Ross “I don’t GET IT!” makes us LOL every time! - David Schwimmer is great at physical comedy!

  • Lowell is in a sweater vest. “We have a sort of radar.”

  • Christina Pickles got an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series for this episode (FRIENDS Wiki)


  • Trees with green leaves at cemetery -- it’s supposed to be November in New York!

  • Everybody thinking Chandler was gay the first time they met: Monica had a crush on him, Rachel met him several times (but references him staring at her breasts throughout Phoebe’s entire birthday party, PLUS helped Monica try to seduce him back in high school. OH AND KISSED HIM AT THE COLLEGE PARTY)


  • Joey talking about how women thinking Chandler is gay could work well for him: “You’re a stealth heterosexual”

  • Monica not realizing Aunt Phyllis has been dead for six years; Ross: "Can we focus?"

  • Monica helping her dad pick out a casket (“Dad, we can’t bury Nana in a dresser from IKEA”)

  • Additional round of “I love you … I love YOU!” with Ross and Rachel

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