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S01 E07 - TOW the Blackout

S01 E07 - TOW the Blackout

TOW Vestibules, Crap Weasels, and Klondike Soup

OAD: 11/03/94



Twice the recording sessions equals twice the fun! We’re discussing “TOW the Blackout,” so we’re drinking Blackout Cocktails: a delightful blend of gin, blackberry brandy, and lime juice.


Mummy mugs. Butter wine. The worldwide epidemic of gum falling out of people’s mouths. HD’s driveway dining adventures. Double the pleasure, double the fun.

  • ... Is that a mummy mug behind Monica when she's on the phone with her mom?

  • Wine! Everyone's drinking wine all night during the blackout

  • Bowl Watch: on the coffee table with candles inside (different bowl with a candle in it on the kitchen table)

  • Gum in the ATM vestibule - NOT sugarless bubble gum

    • Why do people feel the need to put their gum everywhere?

  • Klondike bar ... soup (Not on Netflix)

    • aagen-Dazs in the freezer

    • There's NO way Monica's fridge would be that disorganized!

  • Doublemint gum commercial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGQAAs5quf4

    • ia and Tamera Mowry are in it!!


Surprise! Rachel’s still in denim. EB learns a new word. Monica’s in a 50 Shades of Grey phase. Phoebe’s curls are like gum: perfection. Ross is mysterious and has not-touselable hair. But Chandler’s is perfect. Everyone’s hot about everything.


    • itted denim jacket with cute pockets! The love affair with denim continues!

      • lizabeth learned a new word: chambray

    • Hair up in a clip with side bangs

    • Teen little flowy skirt


    • 0 shades of grey -- at least it's not beige!

    • Nubbin Alert! Throughout the episode

      • "Pants and a sweater. Why, Mom? Who am I going to meet in a blackout?"


    • uper-hippie! Long flowy skirt, tribal print-y vest, long-sleeved sheer purple shirt underneath

    • LOVE her hair in this episode -- the perfect curl! Think it's natural?

  • ROSS

    • h, that turtleneck ... "Hi, I'm a mysterious intellectual."


    • Sweater vest with his khakis and button-down

    • Hair is still on point! Sexy!

  • JOEY

    • Tight t-shirts again! This time a red one. Maybe pink? Big difference between Netflix and DVD color!


NBC’s “Blackout Thursday.” Jill Goodacre/Connick. Chandler’s inner monologue. The Law of Attraction summons Paulo. Phoebe is definitely NOT a vegan. EB talks Taco Bell. There’s nothing funnier than fake animal props! Street sign revelations. New motto: Make America Put Out Again.

  • This episode ties in with episodes of Madman of the People (1994) and Mad About You (1992). All three aired the same night on NBC and featured the same blackout.

  • Jill Goodacre! Married IRL to Harry Connick, Jr earlier that year (billed as Jill Connick in credits).

  • Trapped Chandler scene - classic!! His internal monologue is priceless

    • ill: “Would you like to call somebody?” Chandler (in his head): “Yeah. About 300 guys I went to highschool with.”

    • I’mtrappedinanATMvestibulewithJillGoodacre!!

    • “On second thought, gum would be perfection.”

    • “If she offers you mangled animal carcass, you take it.”

  • Putting things out in the universe

    • alking about the strangest place they've ever done it

    • Passion conversation with Ross

      • "Barry wouldn't even kiss me on the miniature golf course!"

    • And magically Paulo appears

      • Phoebe: "I just want to bit his bottom lip."

  • The “Friend” Zone -- supposedly, this show invented that phrase/concept!

    • oey: "You're mayor of the zone!"

  • Phoebe song: New York City has no power / And the milk is getting sour / But to me that is not scary / ‘Cause I stay away from dairy / La la la la la la la

  • Monica admits she had a crush on Joey when he moved in “You had nice arms” - that checks out with “TOW the Flashback”

  • Cat jumps on Ross -- not many things are funnier than obviously fake animal props!

    • un fact: David Schwimmer is actually allergic to cats

  • What Paulo says (source: http://friends.wikia.com/wiki/Friends_Wiki):

    • hen he introduces himself to the guys: "Hi guys, I just moved in and I live in the floor below this so I'll guess we'll see quite a lot of each other."

    • When Rachel introduces Paolo to Phoebe: "Phoebe, you're gorgeous too! If you're all this beautiful I'll move right here!"

    • When serenading Rachel: "Look at the moon, look at the stars, look at everything that's beautiful."

  • What’s Paulo doing these days? https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0299289/

  • "Ceviche?" Did he mean capiche?

  • handler leaning on the vestibule door and talking into the camera to get a copy of the tape.


  • Joey brings in a menorah because Chandler’s old roommate was Jewish.

    • Shouldn’t Monica have one?

  • First appearance of Mr. Heckles - Heckles is in Apartment 8 - but they’re in apartment 5 - How is he below them? Unless they’re now in 20 but we just haven’t seen the door yet...(They don’t establish that he’s Heckles in this episode)

  • Yellow frame on door moves - only attached/hung at top


  • Jill on her cell phone “Mom, you’re trippin’! Dexter’s a dog! … You’d pee in Dad’s shoes too if you didn’t know what was going on!”

  • Phoebe saying, “It’s a weird place” after the gang looks at her funny when she says the weirdest place she’s had sex is Milwaukee

  • Ross … and that would leave… Rachel!

  • Monica offering everyone a Klondike … soup

  • Joey running his fingers through Ross’s hair to demonstrate “running fingers” vs “tousle”

    • Then later, Paulo running his fingers through Rachel’s hair and Joey telling Ross, “That was no tousle.”

  • Monica saying she liked Joey’s arms when he moved in, him moving the chair and asking if it does anything for her

    • Later, playing Monopoly, Joey joking about going for a ride in his Monopoly race car and bringing his arms, and Monica saying she’ll bring his wheelbarrow for his teeth

  • Extended Ross trying to get the cat off of him scene


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