Elizabeth’s “I Swear to Do Better” Jar for Season 3 (through Episode 13):


S01 E06 - TOW the Butt

S01 E06 - TOW the Butt

TOW Joey the Butt Double, Monica the Kook, and Aurora the Feminist

OAD: 10/27/94



We're drinking jam! Well, marmalade, actually. This cocktail was invented by Salvatore Calabrese, former president of the United Kingdom Bartender's Guild.


Ross drinks S...apple, Chandler makes a speedy breakfast for Aurora (or does he?), and the gang enjoys some popcorn-fueled dancing.

  • Phoebe's got a muffin in front of her at the coffee shop
  • Ross drinking Snapple (but the "n" is whited out)
  • Chandler's breakfast: eggs, mushrooms, butter, bread, cereal, orange juice, frying pan
    • He only has her for 20 more minutes ... that's a complex breakfast!
    • And the next scene they are back in bed -- is it the next day?
  • Bowl Watch: On the bar, empty
  • Popcorn -- Joey got fired scene (and end scene -- not on Netflix -- where they all sing, Rachel throws popcorn into the air like confetti)


Rachel’s hair is still pupating, and her bunching says “button.” Speaking of which, we need a Nubbin Button. Monica is in Pleasantville, but we haven’t lost hope in her ability to see color (even if it is always red at this point). We debate crushed vs. flat velvet and its effect on bumpety-bump-bumps. Aurora WINS at everything.

    • The Rachel -- still pupating. A little long, but the overall shape is there.
    • Red cross long-sleeved t-shirt!! And button-up light-wash jeans!
    • Classic 90s jammies: V-neck baby tee, blurry-plaid shorts, aaaaaaand -- nubbin alert!
    • Back to beige at FREUD! (with a red jacket on the chair)
    • Coffee house -- short-sleeved turtleneck (very 90s) with brown skirt and brown nylons!
    • Red "Hugh Heffner" robe with flannel shorts and button-up tank
      • achel wore it in Episode 1
    • More red in "Joey got fired" scene! Long-sleeved turtleneck sweater
    • Royal blue satin pajamas with red trim in scene about getting her shoes
    • FREUD! outfit: Boho business! Red velvet skirt, black blazer
    • Coffee house: Just boho! Long velvet flowered skirt, big brown shirt, black vest, big curly hair, long beaded necklace
      • e discuss crushed velvet vs. regular velvet (because Elizabeth doesn't know any of the fashion words)
    • "Joey got fired" scene: Big peace sign earrings! And a scrunchie! Long flowered ... vest? Open dress? What is it?!
      • "I got the part! I got the part! I'm going to be Joey Tribbiani's ass!"
    • is hair is PERFECT in this episode!
    • Blurry plaid at FREUD!
    • Date outfit -- those SOCKS! And with loafers!
    • Back to the sweater vest to talk about his date
    • "Joey got fired" scene: Hot outfit -- jeans, button-up with sleeves rolled up, V-neck white tee showing underneath. Mmmmm...
  • ROSS
    • Textured brown sweater at FREUD!
    • Denim blue shirt at coffee house, with red Henley underneath -- and then added a tan corduroy jacket when they get back to Monica and Rachel's
    • "Joey got fired" scene: Another Blue's Clues shirt! This time green!
  • JOEY
    • Black turtleneck and leather jacket to meet Estelle
    • Another tight blue shirt, with a brown leather jacket on the chair, grey jeans
    • Navy robe on set
    • Aurora
      • AWESOME outfit at FREUD!: Layered metal ring necklace, short dress, knee-high boots, velvety red and gold wrap
        • Chandler: "Could she BE any more out of my league? Ross, back me up here." Ross: "He could never get a woman like that in a million years."
        • Phoebe: "You know how you always see these really beautiful women with these nothing guys? You could be one of those guys!"
        • Ross: "Stand back everyone. Incoming ego shrapnel."
      • Black button-up dress/skirt for their date
      • Chandler's room: Black strappy dress with flowers


“Ta-da!” is the new “hello,” the gang won’t let Ross throw them a bone, an actual director plays the director, and you can almost smell Chandler’s bachelor bedroom. BTW, if you’ve only seen the Netflix version, you’re missing out on a lot -- everything from Estelle’s real debut, Magic Eye books, rogue hairs, and multiple dance sequences!

  • FREUD! Phoebe: “The exclamation point in the title scares me.” Rachel: “I feel violated.”
  • Magic Eye books! Everyone had a technique to see the images (also, NOT ON NETFLIX!)

  • Everyone pretending to fall asleep when Ross talks about anthropology/monogamy

  • Monica’s OCD: “I can be a kook!” Chandler: “Thank God you didn’t try to fan out the magazines -- she’ll scratch your eyes right out!”

  • Rachel’s “Ta Da” after cleaning

    • Chandler: “Are we greeting people each other this way now, because I like it!”

    • We decide that this is the new way we will greet each other when we get together!

  • All the double entendres when they’re making fun of Joey playing a butt -- that was one of the audio clips on the FRIENDS CD!

  • Same scene - MONICA’S SECRET CLOSET IS OPEN!! Dark, you can’t really tell what’s in there

  • Director is actual director Jim Burrows - directed 15 episodes of FRIENDS (not this one): including the first four episodes, TO The Morning After (big dramatic Ross/Rachel scenes), and TOW the Prom Video.

    • Box behind him says “Monica’s”

  • Chandler’s bedroom!! SO bachelor - you can almost smell it

    • Basketball hoop laundry basket, vintage movie posters (some of them backlit?), baseball caps, Oscar Meyer wiener truck toy, Mork stuffed toy, trophies, lots of books, kinda messy, It’s a Wonderful Life poster

  • Aurora owning her sexuality and not compromising who she is! She wants to sleep with a bunch of guys! Yay her!


  • Stupid light fixture is still over the living room
  • You can see Joey’s shorts in the shadow of the shower scene

  • There’s a box labeled “Monica’s” behind the director in the shower scene


  • Ross pointing out that role of Man #3 will not be played by Vic Shapiro, Monica saying she forgot to bring a magazine

  • Dance sequence at FREUD!

  • Close-up of FREUD! Movie poster (right after opening credits)

  • Joey: "How about that German accent?" Rachel: “Ya, ya...All your W’s vere V’s…” (one of EB’s favorite quotes!)

  • Joey: "Loved your work … call me a sap … she was obviously very moved!" Ross: "And you should probably call her fairly quickly." Joey: "Yeah! As soon as possible!"

  • THE ENTIRE SCENE WHERE JOEY MEETS ESTELLE FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!!! Smoking and eating a sandwich, telling Joey that they’re going to be like the end of Sleepless in Seattle

  • Magic Eye book scene (mentioned above) -- replaced with Chandler walking in while Phoebe is analyzing Monica’s palm “this line is passion, and this is just a line” - WHY? They didn’t get the syndication rights to feature Magic Eye books??

  • Phoebe going off on a tangent and changing the subject because she didn’t have anything to add to the “men want sex without the responsibility” conversation

  • Monica interrupting Rachel saying she’d be fine going grocery shopping and Rachel saying, “I’m not done…”; also a small extension of Monica saying she’d be fine with the laundry detergent thing

  • After asking to use her bathroom, Joey asking if Monica has any tweezers because he thinks he has a rogue hair

  • Joey asking a crew member if they can make it warmer on the set, he’s a little concerned about goosebumps

  • Extended speech from Joey thanking them for the opportunity


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