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S01 E05 - TOW the East German Laundry Detergent

S01 E05 - TOW the East German Laundry Detergent

TOW One Million Espressos, Pink Jammie-Clothes, and All of the Tangents

OAD: 10/20/94



These martinis are stronger than the Iron Curtain! We each put a little spin on ours -- using Godiva Dark Chocolate liqueur instead of creme de cacao. And did you notice that it calls for Chambord (raspberry flavor) when Black Forest cake is traditionally made with cherries?


Chicken wings -- who knew they were so complicated to make? Or that you could order “flats only”? Chandler consumes inhuman amounts of caffeine and “saves” Janice from a piece of glass in her eye.


No wonder Rachel’s nubbins are always showing -- her skirts are shrinking by the second! Speaking of which, Joey’s shirt seems to have shrunk because hello, biceps! Monica wears COLOR! Elizabeth gives us a lesson on making people uncomfortable by complimenting their beauty. Janice has the best outfit of the episode.


    • enim zip-up vest as shirt, miniminiminiskirt (same zip up vest from E03?)
    • Plaid tied crop top (laundry scene) (reminiscent of a top Carrie wore in SATC2

  • JOEY

    • ight blue t-shirt: shows off his muscles!

    • BANGS in his FACE -- how was that not SO annoying

    • High-collar shirt for double date -- very 90s!

      • Reminiscent of Duckie in Pretty in Pink



    • lack choker

    • Still alterna-hippie (not the super-quirky Phoebe yet)

    • Mixed florals (white floral vest, black floral pants) -- peace sign necklace

  • ROSS

    • ellow Henley shirt

    • Long-sleeved white shirt (button collar), tucked into dark khakis

    • Red shirt and blue undershirt for the millionth time (or at least it seems) at Laundorama

      • "You gotta rethink the dirty underwear."



    • ngela

      • Red dress that accents her boobs (bra straps showing, also wearing a choker)

      • Green lace dress (totally coming back in style now)

    • Janice

      • reat outfit! Black jacket, white shirt, black skirt, black tights, black knee-high boots, fun necklace with pearls and a big pendant. Would totally wear that today!

        • ot full-on "Janice voice," BTW...


Wait a second … we're not sure that Janice is actually annoying. What the heck is a violin doing on Ross’s wall? We decide that Jeff the Crew Member was very busy in this episode, and ponder what it must be like to do laundry in the Big City.

  • Gender wars! Taking off your bra with your shirt still on, multiple orgasms!
  • Chandler's "Saturday night" spiel
  • Ross is reading Cycling magazine??
  • Monica's balancing her checkbook in Central Perk?
  • Ugly Naked Guy's laying kitchen tile
  • Monica collecting laundry around her apartment??
  • Violin on Ross's wall??
  • First appearance of Janice!
    • Rocky and Bullwinkle socks -- "Mix and match. Moose and squirrel."
    • Is Janice actually annoying? We don't think so!
  • Laundry in the city
    • Did they just walk down the street with their laundry baskets?
    • How would Rachel know to put her basket on top of the machine if this was her first time doing laundry?
    • "UBERWEISS!!"
    • Ross: "Bras and under-panty...things."
    • Rachel is a "laundry virgin." Ross: "I'll use the gentle cycle."
    • Elizabeth learned how to do laundry from this episode
    • Rachel: "I'm going to look like a big marshmallow Peep!"
    • Phoebe: "This is such a great idea. I'm going to do this!"
  • Bleach and red!! Horror stories
  • Rachel kisses Ross
    • Ross knocks his head into the dryer


  • Monica tells Angela that her brother never even told her when he lost his virginity, but the previous episode (TOW the Thumb) we learned he told EVERYONE when he slept with Carol
  • Misspelled sign at Laundorama (“cloths” instead of “clothes” - Not responsible for damage or lost cloths)


  • Ross tells Chandler not to touch any of his dinosaur toys
  • Chandler showing Phoebe the socks and Phoebe saying, "These go with your Rockies!" like it's a great thing
  • Janice yelling at Chandler about his fear of commitment
    • Why would they cut out Janice standing up for herself? Perhaps to feed into the premise that she's supposedly annoying?
S01 E06 - TOW the Butt

S01 E06 - TOW the Butt

S01 E04 - TOW George Stephanopolous

S01 E04 - TOW George Stephanopolous