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S01 E04 - TOW George Stephanopolous

S01 E04 - TOW George Stephanopolous

TOW Tiki Death Punch, Potentially Deadly Cookie Dough, and the Onesie Pajama Plan

OAD: 10/13/94



No one has a “pl,” but we’ve got plenty of tiki death punch!

We decided to recreate the Tiki Death Punch that Monica made for the girls’ impromptu sleepover. We didn’t know much about what she put into the cocktail — only that it was pink and had rum in it. So we decided it would be fun to create our own versions and report back come podcast-recording time…

Click here for the full recipe!


We contemplate what constitutes a “blobbie,” which crew member they borrowed a candy bar wrapper from, why Europeans don’t wash (or refrigerate) their eggs, and whether or not cookie dough can kill you.

  • Chocolate blobbies on the cookies

  • Tiki Death Punch - rum…

  • Snapple banners at Rangers gam

  • What chocolate bar is Dora the nurse in the ER eating? Have you ever called when you were not satisfied?

  • Monica eating cookie dough from the bowl and flings a chunk, and doesn’t freak out! YES! Must be good Tiki Death Punch!

    • Parasites in flour? We need a nutritionist/expert!

  • Pizza - Fat-free crust with extra cheese! (George’s pizza is mushroom, green pepper, and onion -- one of EB’s favorites!)

  • Hospital vending machine with apples and oranges


We ponder why Rachel’s style is so different from her Long Island besties’, how Phoebe was on to something with those onesie pajamas, and celebrate that Monica is NOT color blind! Oh, and Ross looks like the guy from Blue’s Clues.


    • Tiffany apron! And midriff tied top.

    • Even her jammies are sexy (short-shorts)


    • Darker solids, no prints

    • Onesie striped pajamas (great juxtaposition to “Hey, that’s not for you, bitch!”), daisy robe

    • We make a pledge to have our own onesie slumber party with tiki death punch and safe-to-eat cookie dough!


    • “Grand Canyon” scene at coffee shop -- a little more feminine/soft with the suit jacket and Y necklace. Still doing the professional look with her.

  • JOEY

    • iant sweater

  • ROSS

    • ockey outfit - looks like the guy from Blue’s Clues!! Blue striped polo, khakis


    • achel's friends from Long Island: very preppily dressed - If Rachel was BFFs with them before, you’d think she’d dress similarly, so how is her fashion so different? (very sexy, not preppy at all)

      • More like Murphy Brown, working women of the 90s, not in the same age group

        1. Phoebe “Look I have elbows!”

        2. Where are there shopping bags from? Zabar’s (Gourmet Grocery Store), “big brown bag” from Bloomingdales,  https://www.zabars.com/

        3. Kiki is wearing classic Chanel double-C earrings

    • Central Park extras with scrunchies + Monica and Phoebe in scrunchies for slumber party (Rachel in a clip)


We discuss how this episode perfectly captures the angsty 20-somethings’ 90s zeitgeist -- the sting of first jobs, the anxiety of not having a plan, and the eventual realization that it’ll all work out in the end. In our “Not on Netflix” segment, we rediscover a scene where the girls discuss what the guys would be like in bed, and Joey makes an inappropriate (but so Joey) remark.

  • The joys of first jobs (“Who’s FICA? Why’s he getting all my money?”)

  • Netflix/syndicated version took out the bulimia reference (middle friend (Kiki) had lost a ton of weight, Rachel congratulated her, friend behind her mimed vomiting motions and Rachel told her to stop losing weight, she looked great)

  • This episode did a great job of capturing the uncertainty of your 20s -- “Do you have a plan? … I don’t even have a pl.”

    • Monica/Rachel - The Visa guys calling - “There’s been unusual activity on your account”, “but I haven’t used my card in weeks”, “that is the unusual activity”

    • Rachel - “Jack gave up a cow, I gave up an orthodontist”

    • Floopy/ unfloopy

    • Rachel - “I have magic beans... I’m fine.” (It all works out in the end!)

  • George Stephanopolous -- not always just a host of Good Morning America!

  • Juxtaposition of talking about how they think “their” guys are in bed.

    • Phoebe gravitating to Joey, Monica gravitating to Chandler, Rachel gravitating to Ross

    • NOT in the Netflix version!!

  • Pillow falling off of the balcony wasn’t supposed to happen, but they kept it in anyway

    • And Monica doesn’t freak out!

    • Who returns the pillow? How does he know it is theirs? (Property of Monica, NOT Phoebe label? LOL)

  • Monica’s big window has blinds! Do we celebrate?

    • It’s a blinds party!

  • Another joke not in Netflix version - playing Twister, Joey behind a bent over Phoebe -- says to Ross, “Hey Ross, if we switch places, Phoebe could be your number 2” -- kinda glad they took that out, it was crass even for Must See TV!

    • Joey sounds very “How YOU doin’”


  • Air date was Oct 13, Ranger tickets were for Oct 20

  • Fire escape -- that goes away, right?

  • Rachel tells her Long Island friends that she does her own laundry -- but in TOW the East German Laundry Detergent (next episode) we learn that it’s her first time doing laundry

  • Chandler should’ve known that Carol was Ross’s one and only, since they were roommates in college (although in later episodes we see flashbacks to where they both lie about having slept with lots of women)

    • E01 - Ross was grabbing a spoon “do you know how long it has been since I grabbed a spoon?”

  • Quilt on back of the sofa in Monica & Rachel’s has changed

  • Still in apartments 4 & 5

S01 E05 - TOW the East German Laundry Detergent

S01 E05 - TOW the East German Laundry Detergent

Tiki Death Punch

Tiki Death Punch