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S01 E03 - TOW the Thumb

S01 E03 - TOW the Thumb

TOW Rachel’s Denim, Ross’s Plaid, and a Football Phone

OAD: 10/06/94


We’re discussing “The One With the Thumb” this week, so naturally we froze cranberry juice in latex gloves to make thumb-shaped ice cubes for the vodka cranberries we sipped on. That’s normal, right? Click here to read more!


We discuss proper knife technique, fresh vs. boxed pasta, our soft spot for soft pretzels, and ponder whether alphabet soup comes in different languages.

  • Sous chef is using proper knife technique (but not actually cutting anything LOL)

    • EB thinks her wrist looks a little wobbly ;)

  • Joey’s eating pie. Why? What kind?

  • Soft pretzels (thumb scene)

  • Alphabet soup, minus the vowels, but Phoebe left in the Ys, for the homeless lady.

  • Boxed pasta at the restaurant?!?!

  • Phoebe eating a Pop Tart

  • The other 5 eating cheesecake and Haagen-Dazs after the breakup


Did Rachel buy stock in denim? Heather sure did. We also discuss Rachel’s cute aprons and Monica’s overalls, and Elizabeth remembers the word “juxtaposition” but can’t remember what those “wrist thingies” are called.


    • Denim obsession continues with opening scene in Central Perk, later scene with different denim shirt, and then denim vest

    • Love the black and white checked dress - would wear it now!

    • Love the heart t-shirt from baseball

      • But the baseball cap over the otherwise perfect hair -- all I want to do is put her hair behind her ears!

    • Rachel’s cute aprons! (floral with yellow trim, antique-y looking flowers later)

  • ROSS

    • What is he wearing? Red button down, striped t-shirt, and those boots!

      • Next scene, it’s a pink/purple plaid button down, brown shirt, and khakis

      • Next scene, it’s a dark brown and navy blue plaid button down


    • The sweater vests! (Two in this episode!)

      • First one (reading script with Joey) -- not so terrible. Typical 90s guy look

    • Giant shirt at Central Perk

    • Graphic tie (pic)


    • Opening scene - overalls!

    • Still very bland. Paisley dress is cute (date with Allen), but would love more color!

      • Black button up sleeveless, dark floral pants/skirt

    • Midriff shirt and striped pants - super cute! (she wore the striped pants in Ep 2)


    • Red one-piece pants-suit (when she comes in talking to herself about the thumb)

      • Wearing peace sign and yin-yang necklaces on black string

    • Spaghetti strap dress over baby tee

    • Vest, white tshirt, long skirt, gladiator sandals (visiting Lizzy)


We talk about the power (and terror) of holding fire in your hands, analog childhood and digital adulthood, and Lamb Chop.

  • Dating translations.  “”Loosely translated means you will never see me naked”

  • Thumb to forefinger sizing

  • First look in the guys apartment - no Etch A Sketch (weird pantry bookshelf on that wall instead)


    • Cute chairs are around Monica’s table!

    • Still no curtains around big window.

    • Light fixture still above living room

  • Chandler teaches Joey how to smoke (for a role)

  • Football phone

  • Alan’s David Hasselhoff impression, performed by Chandler

  • Watching Lamb Chop

  • Group breakup with Alan

    • "With the holidays coming up, I wanted him to meet my family"

  • Homeless lady (Beth Grant) is one of those character actors that are in a million things (215 acting credits on IMDB) was in Speed (on bus), played Dwight’s former babysitter on The Office

  • All the toys at Chandler’s work desk (vibrating ball thing, rubber chicken, claw). And that outdated computer! ( Green type on screen)

  • Phoebe gives Chandler $7k to never smoke again -- but he starts smoking again when Ross and Rachel break up AND when he goes to Tulsa. Does he give her her money back?


  • Guys’ apartment is different -- weight equipment (bench press) next to bathroom, TV is right next to Chandler’s room, armchair that Joey sits in eventually disappears, bathroom is different (sink faces out), weird pantry bookcase on wall between door and fridge

  • Annoying habits -- other than Ross overpronouncing, everyone else’s goes away (is only for this episode) (Phoebe chewing her hair, Monica snorting (?), Joey cracking his knuckles)

  • Phoebe eats Haagen Dazs but in TOW the blackout she sings, “‘Cause I stay away from dairy.”

Tiki Death Punch

Tiki Death Punch