S01 E02 - TOW the Sonogram at the End

S01 E02 - TOW the Sonogram at the End

TOW The Other Carol, the Flat Lasagna, and the Launch of Nubbin Watch

OAD: 09/29/94


Because if Carol gets a juice box at the end of “TOW the Sonogram,” then we get to sip on (adult) juice (wine) boxes while we talk about the episode, right?

Pour Haus Red Blend:

Bota Mini Pinot Grigio:


We discuss our chosen wines (including bougie wine descriptions), lackluster lasagna, a shortage of adequate curry props, and (apparently) free juice boxes at the OB/GYN.


We notice that The Rachel is in its pupal stage, there’s denim galore (overalls, Ashley Graham, Ross’s shirt), Monica’s look morphs from “Momica” to “Cater Waiter,” and … WTF are culottes and palazzo pants?

    • And right from the first shot - she’s sexy!
    • Rachel is sporting the first stages of “The Rachel” haircut, already looking more “city”
    • Also, the beginning of Rachel’s Season 1 obsession with denim (denim vest in opening scene)
    • Rachel’s green shirt does not go with her floral wrap skirt. She has on another layer under the shirt, but we can see nubbins! And Nubbin Watch begins!
    • Rachel in overalls and cute flowery tank top (and construction boots?), to return the ring
  • ROSS
    • Denim dress shirt and tie at the museum
    • Less grungy, more colorful and fun!
    • Susan: Dress with tie/belt, socks, and sneakers -- are those KEDS?!


Gunther and Ugly Naked Guy make their debut, there’s an Ugly Naked Guy/Three’s Company connection, and we ponder 70s smiley faces, feminists in short skirts, quacking speculums, and how Monica and her mom both know He-Man.

  • “Kissing is like the comedian that comes on before the concert”
  • Gunther’s debut Although he doesn’t speak for a while. (He was actually working as a barista - producers wanted someone familiar with coffee machines)
  • Ugly Naked Guy’s debut - Thigh Master
  • The Original Carol -- What happened to her?
  • “Is this a bad time?”, “No, it’s the Stone Age”
    • Cheesy gag when Ross unknowingly mimics the cave man when Carol tells him she’s pregnant (they don’t make TV like this anymore LOL)
  • Watching Three's Company
    • “I think this is the episode of Three’s Company where there’s some kind of misunderstanding.”
  • Our first glimpse of Monica’s Type A/OCD and Ross and Monica’s sibling rivalry
  • “Has anyone seen my engagement ring?” “Yes, it’s beautiful.”

  • Yellow happy face mug on the kitchen shelf! We must discuss all the “Have a Nice Day” happy faces in the 90s - also a throwback to the 70s!

  • Rachel’s wedding costing $40

  • We find out Monica was chubby when she was younger

  • Mr. Gellar glad his Little Harmonica is not “one of those woman who wants it all”

  • Green chair at Central Perk is not worn like it was in E01 -- there's also a throw over the couch

  • We learn Phoebe is a twin and sister is a “career driven woman” who is a waitress

  • Ross plays with speculum, makes it “quack” -- in Vagina Monologues, one of the scenes talks about the “cold duck lips” of the speculum - I remember seeing it in college and thinking, “OMG ROSS MADE IT ACT LIKE A DUCK TOO”

  • Glad to see black female OB/GYN

    • he’s really talented, too. Within seconds of telling Carol to lie back, she’s already found the baby’s heartbeat ;)

  • “I don’t know, but I think it’s about to attack the Enterprise.” - Chandler Star Trek reference!

  • Barry went to Aruba with Mindy


    • Christina Pickles (Judy Geller) and Courteney Cox were in Masters of the Universe together in 1987 (He-Man live-action movie) (

    • The little boy in the dentist chair comes back in “The One With the Evil Orthodontist” when Rachel has an affair with Barry


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