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S01 E02 - TOW the Sonogram at the End

S01 E02 - TOW the Sonogram at the End

TOW The Other Carol, the Flat Lasagna, and the Launch of Nubbin Watch

OAD: 09/29/94


Because if Carol gets a juice box at the end of “TOW the Sonogram,” then we get to sip on (adult) juice (wine) boxes while we talk about the episode, right?


We discuss our chosen wines (including bougie wine descriptions), lackluster lasagna, a shortage of adequate curry props, and (apparently) free juice boxes at the OB/GYN.


We notice that The Rachel is in its pupal stage, there’s denim galore (overalls, Ashley Graham, Ross’s shirt), Monica’s look morphs from “Momica” to “Cater Waiter,” and … WTF are culottes and palazzo pants?


    • And right from the first shot - she’s sexy!

    • Rachel is sporting the first stages of “The Rachel” haircut, already looking more “city”

    • Also, the beginning of Rachel’s Season 1 obsession with denim (denim vest in opening scene)

    • Rachel’s green shirt does not go with her floral wrap skirt. She has on another layer under the shirt, but we can see nubbins! And Nubbin Watch begins!

    • Rachel in overalls and cute flowery tank top (and construction boots?), to return the ring

  • ROSS

    • Denim dress shirt and tie at the museum


    • Less grungy, more colorful and fun!



    • Susan: Dress with tie/belt, socks, and sneakers -- are those KEDS?!


Gunther and Ugly Naked Guy make their debut, there’s an Ugly Naked Guy/Three’s Company connection, and we ponder 70s smiley faces, feminists in short skirts, quacking speculums, and how Monica and her mom both know He-Man.

  • “Kissing is like the comedian that comes on before the concert”

  • Gunther’s debut Although he doesn’t speak for a while. (He was actually working as a barista - producers wanted someone familiar with coffee machines)

  • Ugly Naked Guy’s debut - Thigh Master

  • The Original Carol -- What happened to her?

  • “Is this a bad time?”, “No, it’s the Stone Age”

    • Cheesy gag when Ross unknowingly mimics the cave man when Carol tells him she’s pregnant (they don’t make TV like this anymore LOL)

  • Watching Three's Company

    • “I think this is the episode of Three’s Company where there’s some kind of misunderstanding.”

  • Our first glimpse of Monica’s Type A/OCD and Ross and Monica’s sibling rivalry

  • “Has anyone seen my engagement ring?” “Yes, it’s beautiful.”

  • Yellow happy face mug on the kitchen shelf! We must discuss all the “Have a Nice Day” happy faces in the 90s - also a throwback to the 70s!

  • Rachel’s wedding costing $40

  • We find out Monica was chubby when she was younger

  • Mr. Gellar glad his Little Harmonica is not “one of those woman who wants it all”

  • Green chair at Central Perk is not worn like it was in E01 -- there's also a throw over the couch

  • We learn Phoebe is a twin and sister is a “career driven woman” who is a waitress

  • Ross plays with speculum, makes it “quack” -- in Vagina Monologues, one of the scenes talks about the “cold duck lips” of the speculum - I remember seeing it in college and thinking, “OMG ROSS MADE IT ACT LIKE A DUCK TOO”

  • Glad to see black female OB/GYN

    • he’s really talented, too. Within seconds of telling Carol to lie back, she’s already found the baby’s heartbeat ;)

  • “I don’t know, but I think it’s about to attack the Enterprise.” - Chandler Star Trek reference!

  • Barry went to Aruba with Mindy


    • Christina Pickles (Judy Geller) and Courteney Cox were in Masters of the Universe together in 1987 (He-Man live-action movie) (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Masters_of_the_Universe_(film))

    • The little boy in the dentist chair comes back in “The One With the Evil Orthodontist” when Rachel has an affair with Barry




Adult Juice Boxes

Adult Juice Boxes