Elizabeth’s “I Swear to Do Better” Jar for Season 3 (through Episode 13):


S01 E12 - TOW the Dozen Lasagnas

S01 E12 - TOW the Dozen Lasagnas

TOW the Time-Traveling Lasagnas

OAD: 01/12/95


1½ ounces Amarula cream liqueur

1 ounce butterscotch schnapps

½ ounce unsweetened almond creamer

Splash of Goldschlager

Caramel sauce

Oatmeal cookies (cut in half, for garnish)

Drizzle caramel sauce around the inside of the martini glass, shake all of the liquid ingredients in a cocktail shaker over ice, and toss a cookie on top! (Inspired by this recipe)

In our first face-to-face recording session (but actually our second, because it’s not just lasagnas that are time-traveling), Elizabeth finally indulges her theory that this episode was originally supposed to air earlier in the season, but was pushed back in order to extend the Paulo storyline! We go into all of the evidence to support this theory, including:

  • Wardrobe/appearance: Short sleeves, earth tones, and shrinking hair

  • Environment: Fall leaves, a mummy mug, and a faulty calendar

Thank goodness we had a technical glitch and got to refresh our cocktails just 15 minutes in (or did we?), because all of this time travelling is confusing! Also, it cushions the blow of what will likely be one of the biggest points of contention throughout this show: whether or not Ross is a jerk.



  • Chandler’s yogurt

  • Rachel drinking a Snapple

  • Pringles on the shelf and fruit bowl by the phone at Carol’s

  • Phoebe’s oatmeal raisin cookies, Thermos full of milk (dairy!)

    • 1. My friends are the most important thing in my life

    • 2. I never lie

    • 3. I make the best oatmeal raisin cookies in the world

      • Cookies don’t look very good. And don’t look like oatmeal raisin! Too smooth!

        • Rachel sells it though!

      • “I don’t make them a lot. It’s not fair to the other cookies”

  • Ross drinking a Snapple (“I’m having a boy!”)



    • Plaid cardigan in opening scene

    • (She changed for her date!) White v-neck long sleeve, long red plaid skirt! Great look! (Poke-a-nose)

    • Blue velvet top with side buttons! Tiffany apron! GREAT look

    • Terrible matronly beige dress as she’s getting ready for weekend with Paulo

      • Phoebe: “Are your weekends longer than 2 days?”


    • Brown, brown, brown in opening scene

    • (from Central Perk, just removed top) Brown sleeveless top, pants, sweater, everything

    • Overalls! And a grey shirt

    • Cute short skirt in foosball/break-up scenes -- top is still grey, but skirt is cute!


    • Long baby-doll brown dress

    • Massage parlor -- looks like she’s wearing brocade curtains in beige and green LOL

    • Terrible tribal-looking coat from last episode

  • ROSS

    • White button-up and khakis, brown jacket (“What am I supposed to do, call immigration? I should call immigration.” “Wasn’t it supposed to be a fling? Shouldn’t it be flung by now?”) Good look for him. Crisp and clean.

    • GREAT dark grey sweater (foosball scene)


    • Classic 40’s bowling shirt look with khakis - still very oversized

    • Furniture store: Farmer chic - blue check with brown/green check in the middle? (“Kip would’ve liked the birds”)

  • JOEY

    • V-neck brown shirt - nice arms! (“How come you don’t live with mommy? What’s a lesbian?”)

    • Giant white shirt at furniture store - chest hair later in foosball scene!


    • Paulo’s clothes falling from the balcony


  • Singing The Odd Couple theme -- Matthew Perry was in a short-lived sitcom revival of The Odd Couple

  • First mention of Ross and Monica’s Aunt Sylvia (she’s the one that dies and gives Monica the dollhouse!)

  • Ross using a reusable bag before they were cool! Made of netting back then -- what’s up with that?

  • “People actually eat the placenta.” “And we’re done with the yogurt”

  • The guys taking a big step and buying furniture together (“The impressions you left in the butter left little to the imagination.” “Was Kip a better roommate than me?”)

    • Love that they are balancing lasagna on both of their laps!

  • Other masseuse at massage parlor has also been a Central Perk waitress

  • Guy behind Rachel in CP has a beeper in his pocket

    • Carrie wearing fanny pack in SATC


    • “Boys scouts could have camped under there!”

  • Ross being a jerk -- pushing Phoebe REALLY hard to tell Rachel, not concerned at all that Rachel might hate Phoebe because of it

  • Cliche of throwing your cheating boyfriend/husband’s clothes over the balcony

  • Phoebe’s “Okay bye bye!” to Paulo :)

  • Chandler and Joey carrying Monica out in the ending snippet


  • Did they film this earlier, but air later in order to extend the Paulo storyline???

    • Aired in January, but wearing short sleeves

    • Back in Apartments 4 and 5

    • Rachel’s hair is longer (not as layered), Joey’s hair is longer, Chandler’s is SHORTER and not at peak sexiness

    • Exterior shots don’t have snow anymore

    • Ross mentions 19 weeks … we need to do some math LOL

      • Carol’s belly is MUCH bigger just two episodes from now on Valentine’s Day

    • Calendar in Carol and Susan’s apartment is set to December

    • The table in the guy’s apartment is still the old table in Ep 11, BUT they may have brought it back knowing that they needed it for continuity

    • Fall leaves in the vase on the wooden beam next to the fridge

    • Are the kitchen chairs different?

    • Plant on Monica’s balcony, and they’re out there without coats on

    • Mummy mug on shelf!

  • Paper towels unroll then roll then unroll again

  • Monica’s closet is OPEN and ORGANIZED! Looks like a coat closet


  • Ugly Naked Guy making shadow puppets. Ross let’s the guys stop supporting him so they can go look

  • Ross mentioning that Carol’s at 19 weeks and her breasts are starting to swell

  • Phoebe rolling Paulo off of the table as her “professional” response to him hitting on her

  • Phoebe asking if Rachel’s weekends are longer than two days

  • Extended balcony scene “I wasn’t supposed to care about this guy. It was supposed to be this big fun Italian thing. Wasn’t supposed to feel like this when it’s over.”

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