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S01 E09 - TOW Underdog Gets Away

S01 E09 - TOW Underdog Gets Away

TOW Grilled Cheese and Onesies

OAD: 11/17/94


In this special LIVE episode, we celebrate the first FRIENDS Thanksgiving by having a Friendsgiving of our own -- getting together in the same room, live streaming on Facebook, wearing onesies, eating grown-up grilled cheese, and giving Chardonnay a go.

Jam Cellars Butter Chardonnay: https://www.jamcellars.com/Wines/White



    • Ross’s mashed potatoes with lumps, Joey’s tater tots, Phoebe’s whipped potatoes with peas and onions

    • D’AG: D’Agostino’s https://www.dagnyc.com/

    • “Put your head inside this turkey”

    • Traditional Thanksgiving Fixin’s: Tomato soup, grilled cheese and family sized bag of Funyuns

    • Phoebe’s yam. Ross: “they don’t come in these” (THIS WHOLE SCENE was taken out of Netflix!

    • “Cider’s mulling, turkey’s turkeying, yams are yaming”

    • Joey eating mini marshmallows out of the bag

    • Did Monica have to go out on Thanksgiving Day to buy tots? Or did she make them? Very quick cut from “Okay I’ll make you tots” to the tots burning in the oven...

    • Pumpkin Pie

    • Stuffing

    • “Turkey’s burnt, potatoes are ruined, potatoes are ruined, potatoes are ruined”

      • “You wanted lumps? You got one!”

    • “Who wants light cheese and who wants dark cheese?”

      • Tomato Soup

      • White wine

      • Funyuns

      • “Here’s to a Lousy Christmas and a Crappy New Year”



    • Long-sleeved denim wrap shirt, cute black pleated skirt and apron (with ice cream sundaes?) (looks like a retro diner print -- milkshakes, pie maybe?), tortoiseshell claw hair clip

    • Long sleeve black scoop neck with denim skirt, with front pockets

    • Subtly striped crop sweater - very cute!


    • Ugh back to grey in opening scene sweater -- but at least it’s stripes!

    • Nubbins in her forest green top (looks grey on Netflix -- colors are so different! So is aspect ratio -- everyone looks thinner on Netflix -- ooh is this contributing to unrealistic body image?) (yelling at everyone really got her going!)

    • Striped jeweled-tone shirt and green skirt? Side braid

    • Green sweater with patterned stripes -- looks comfy! Faux fur lining

    • Brown sweater with yellow and blue squares? Heart necklace, big scrunchie


  • JOEY

    • Hair finally back from his bangs! In makeup and high-neck shirt

      • “What Mario isn’t telling you…”

      • “Tonight on a very special Blossom.”

  • ROSS

    • Suit with black vest. Green cordouroy pants??

      • Grey sweater with half-high-neck -- looks SUPER comfy!


    • Slicked back hair, green/brown tweed/plaid jacket

    • Very 90s zip-up sweater -- blurry flannel

    • Argyle 40’s style long sleeve shirt



  • Only needs $100 for a ticket to Vail?

    • "Schoup schoup shoup"

  • Ross reading Anthropology Weekly

  • “Yurtle the Turtle” book

    • One of EB’s favorites growing up

  • Monica using reusable bags! Was that an NYC thing way before it was a regular thing?

  • Joey hasn’t mastered flirting yet “You smell great” scene is awkward!

  • “C’mon an 80-foot inflatable dog loose over the city, how often does that happen?”

  • “Where am I talking here?”

  • “So on a dare, I chose Paleontology”

  • Customized “Hey, Hey We’re the Monkeys”

  • “Alright, if I am going to try to cheer you up, you gotta try to meet me half way”

  • “If it wasn’t for you, I would be on an airplane watching a woman doe this right now”

  • “Ugly Naked Guy is having Thanksgiving dinner with Ugly Naked Gal” -- leads to sentimental moment where they’re grateful to have each other

  • Joey “fixing” his poster in the subway station

  • We see the mummy mug behind Chandler’s head while he’s giving his toast! (Also spottable earlier in the episode)


  • Carol and Susan’s calendar is set to December!


  • Ross chuffing about Susan talking to baby

  • The ENTIRE yam scene!!

  • Rachel complaining while the guys try to open the door, mad she’s missing Thanksgiving. Phoebe tries to find silver lining, Rachel rebuffs, Phoebe says she has to meet her halfway

  • Joey throwing key back into the drawer

  • Phoebe telling Ross to shush so that Monica doesn’t squeak again

  • Everyone moping, Rachel saying Shoop shoop and Monica turning off the tv

  • “And now he’s adding gravy”

S01 E10 - TOW the Monkey

S01 E10 - TOW the Monkey

S01 E08 - TOW Nana Dies Twice

S01 E08 - TOW Nana Dies Twice