We are lifelong best friends who share a love of food, fashion, and FRIENDS. What better way to celebrate that FRIENDship than by starting a podcast?

Not only does our podcast help us stay in touch (Elizabeth lives in Maryland, while Heather lives in Florida), but it gives us a reason to come up with signature cocktails and laugh A LOT. And couldn't we all use a bit more of that? (We're talking about the laughs, but hey -- you do you.)

On our podcast, we focus on the food (we're both avid foodies who love hitting up AAA diamond-rated venues, and Elizabeth often talks food on her personal blog), fashion (Heather's closets are chock full of amazing finds, and her shoe collection/obsession rivals Imelda Marcos's), and fun of our favorite show. We ask questions like:

  • What the heck was in Mocklate?

  • Would you drink the fat?

  • Is it physically possible to get a turkey stuck on your head? How big would a turkey need to be to fit over the average adult's head?

  • Which characters' fashion evolved -- and which stayed in the stone age?

  • What's with all the sweater vests, Chandler?

  • Is Monica color-blind until she finds true love?

  • Is Ross actually a toxic asshole?

  • Does the gang time-travel?

We don't always agree, but we sure do have a lot of fun dissecting and reliving our favorite FRIENDS moments. So grab a cup of coffee (or this week's signature beverage) and join us at Monica and Rachel's -- no shoes on the furniture, please!


Our podcast theme song was created by Ross Brunetti. He also creates comedy videos. (He's Elizabeth's cousin-in-law, but don't let that influence your opinion of his obvious brilliance.)

The purple background/yellow frame we use in our podcast artwork and post images was designed by Lolipoptalia Studios. (She is graciously allowing us the use of the background.)